Divine Arms Alpha Demo v1.9

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This is the public build for alpha demo 1.9!

This version is focused on the sex scenes and by v2.0, there will be a lot maps to explore. The animations on this version are from the very talented Chris Armin.

If you like the scenes, do visit and check out the Patreon campaign page. (The following links below are strictly for 18+ only.)




Hope you like this demo!

demo version build 148b.

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A lot of progress has been made since the last demo, well except for that readme close button trickery at the very beginning. It's fine if you want people to read something and follow its instructions, but you don't need a misleading close button to do that. All it does is cause confusion and make people think the game is broken, especially because the close button was what you had to click in the last demo. For example in my case I actually read it but didn't think much of "press the game title" or thought that was a mistake. Ended up figuring it out only after reading a comment that explained it better. Though to be fair, a broken close button could work if it was handled better. The directions could be more obvious like if you said "click on the highlighted game title" and maybe something like "don't click on the close button", maybe in all caps for added effectiveness. Better yet, add some better feedback upon clicking the close button like a message that pops up saying "you didn't read/follow the directions properly". At least then the player is told to read it more carefully and therefore they shouldn't think the game is broken. If that image shown after pressing close is supposed to be of one girl laughing and the other face palming, it could just as easily or even more likely be mistaken for one smiling and the other being embarrassed (for being seen naked together), so it's not much of a hint.

Moving on to actual game content, here are some things that could use tweaking:

-Traps: It's nice that there's an exclamation point warning, but there's still barely any time to react and the exclamation disappears once you go too far (off screen). If you upgrade your movement speed there's even less time to react. I suggest you increase the time available to react to traps either by increasing the range of the warning, or by increasing the time it takes for the spikes to deploy. Alternatively once the exclamation point appears it could stay visible until you leave the level/area altogether (not just off screen), so then you'd know where they are after seeing them trigger, but would still have to trigger them in a new arena/level first.

-Rape Vines: They need to telegraph their attacks better. They take a lot of time to telegraph the start of their sex attack, but it can also happen off screen or at least partially, and they make no sound when doing so. The bigger issue is that where and when the vine pops up is too sudden, like instantly. For a second or so there should be a hole in the ground before the vine pops up, like how the Ganker will make a void/portal in the ground before appearing near you. Also, the Rape Vine teleportation or whip attack could use a little longer telegraph since if they teleport onto you they will whip you.

-Damage/Enemy Health/Cast Time: At least initially, your attacks don't do much damage to enemies. For example, Glory Pyre takes a long time to charge for the damage it does. Especially compared to the instant Buzzsaw which can do just as much or even more damage and in a wider area, though it still takes awhile to kill several enemies. It was better in the last demo when enemies died quicker. Crystal Wall actually isn't that useful either since all the enemies' sex attacks (which happen pretty often compared to last demo) can go under or over it, Rape Vines can teleport past it, and the duration is shortened each time an enemy bumps into it. You can upgrade, but you need to do some grinding initially to make it more tolerable because the enemies also upgrade in each successive arena. Maiden's Shield is practically a necessity so that you can take an extra normal hit every so often.

-Maiden's Shield and Sex Attacks: Speaking of this, I noticed Maiden's Shield breaks for sex attacks even if you win the minigame. While that isn't necessarily an issue, if you don't play and win the minigame then Maiden's Shield is effectively wasted because you'll still take two hearts of damage (which is rather harsh by itself initially, since you only start with a maximum of 4 hearts). So to balance that out and so Maiden's Shield isn't wasted, it should reduce or even negate the damage you take from sex attacks so long as it was active beforehand. Either that or have sex attacks ignore it completely, meaning it wouldn't break but you'd still take full damage if you didn't play and win the minigame. Personally I'd prefer the first option since it'd give you a more effective way to indulge and see the scenes without taking damage (or at least not as much damage).

-Purifying Crystals: The enemies spawning endlessly makes it not only tough (not counting that you have infinite health in the tutorial) but also makes killing the enemies kind of pointless and unrewarding. If the purification is interrupted, the crystal recorrupts rather fast. I suggest either decreasing the rate at which the crystal recorrupts (at least at first, before you have access to better spells/upgrades) or making it so enemies stop spawning after you kill enough of them.

I love the scenes, but I think its to hard but very good game and can't wait for the full thing

so far great though it's more difficult then the trouble. can't wait to see more.

wont launch, might be something minor, looking forward to the working game

Really like the artstyle and the battle system is interesting. Maybe the instructions were a little misunderstanding or I read them wrong when it came to purifying the crystal, but that part took me some time to figure out.

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4.11 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2017
3:59 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional