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Hammurabi is a remake of the 1968 management game of the same name.

As Hammurabi, king of Babylon, you rule from your throne room. Your ministers are your eyes and hands in the realm: assign them to an office, give them a budget and let them get their hands dirty. They will tell you how things are going and give you advice. There is a risk, however, in this off-hand management… Perhaps the welfare of Babylon is not the first item on your ministers’ agendas. Take care of Babylon, but take care of yourself as well!

This game experiments with procedural text generation to implement a completely character-driven interface. All information is channeled through the subjective and biased perspective of the advisors, and all actions are carried out by their proxy. This shifts the focus from the all-powerful direct management to the messy realm of politics as players need to grapple with imperfect information and competing interests.

If you are being overturned... pay careful attention to what the advisors are saying about each other, and if one of them seems threateningly popular, think of what you could do to make them less appreciated by the people.

As for the sliders... feed everyone, plant all your grain, and conquer some land if you can. If the grain situation is dire, cede some land for a good return.

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takes a bit of getting used to but really fun once you get the hang of it

I really wanted to like this game - what could sound more old school sophisticated fun then a remake of an ancient game about an ancient civilization.

What I did indeed like about this game were the character portraits and the monologues.

Sadly the game disappointing by being very incomprehensible. After playing for 10 times and even winning twice I still see no system here. The minister monolgues while well written were all over the place and gave both good and bad advice completely randomly so it doesn't help to listen to them at all. Despite developers advice to listen for hints, there seems to be no correlation between which minister is praised by population, satisfied with his position, badmouthed by others and who makes the coup afterwards.

This game could have used the modern upgrades to become much more comprehensible. It would be nice to hear peoples opinion about all ministers, to see the Babylon map and extent of conquests, to see cut scenes about locusts and plagues and even normal years to have some more objective info about what exactly is going on in the country.

Lot better than I expected. Loved it.

The clicking on the slider is very hard, very frustrating, other than that, good game

The art style is cool, but the decisions and system are not very well explained

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2017
2:00 PM EST