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Finding Fifi

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Author Comments

In a house full of cats ... where could poor Fifi be hiding ???

--- The game automatically saves your progress. ---
--- If you need some help playing the game : see my Youtube channel ('AndHalfAFish Games'). : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDzko9-D8V1oGTnMQgDqRk-wYlG5SQ3xz ---

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Game play is very difficult. Although I had watched the walk through for a few puzzles, I couldn't relate the clues to their corresponding puzzles.

Visible objects are easy to spot on the screen.

I have to give up finding Fifi.

You need a walkthrough and more hints to what is needed to be done it creates great amount of frustration.

AndHalfAFish responds:

There is a walkthrough for the game, as stated in the 'author comments' section just below the game. But you're right, I could make it a bit more obvious. And in fact, I'll do that right away. :-)
Thanks for giving the game a try !

Love this game , your time was well spent. Thanks for making it!

AndHalfAFish responds:

Thank you ! :-)

This game seems nice, but very confusing.

AndHalfAFish responds:

I'm sorry you feel this way about 'Finding Fifi', but thank you for leaving a message.

Played for a while (only 3/9 cards). Looked at the walkthrough (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtC5Vg4PJZKInLsBLzomoA) for the 'golden button' and started to worry that this was going to be too subtle for me. This was perhaps not helped by the fact that I was finding everything to be very small (I would never have even noticed the spot to put the button, for example).

It all looks nice enough but for some reason I can't wholly put my finger on it feels uninviting - maybe because it relies heavily on some damn keen eyesight.

Before I gave up I had a quick peek at the five number slots solution and... yup, it starts with another hunt. Even worse, having placed the candle and the snow globe they both disappeared! I used that as an excuse to stop.

The game style is in the best tradition of escape games - unlike the hideous collect and place style that has come to dominate the genre - so please don't stop. My advice would be to rely on your puzzles without feeling there is a need to preface them with too much hide and seek.

I'm rating this high because I think you deserve more than my abortive attempt.

AndHalfAFish responds:

Thank you Ben, for your review and kind words. It is good advice, and I will definitely keep it in mind for a next game.