Shmelf & Blorvin

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A trippy animated short about two friends, Shmelf & Blorvin, and their snail-related antics.

By Stephen Hutchins

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YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/stephenhutchins
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/stephenrhutchins
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/StephenHutchinsAnimation/

Music by Midnight Smack: https://soundcloud.com/midnightsmack

Snail contest winners:
@_nk_art_ https://www.instagram.com/_nk_art_/
@crowlaurence https://www.instagram.com/crowlaurence/
@danecree https://www.instagram.com/danecree/
@danield_dd https://www.instagram.com/danield_dd/
@artist.jeremy https://www.instagram.com/artist.jeremy/
@larrydaleyart https://www.instagram.com/larrydaleyart/
@meenuarts https://www.instagram.com/meenuarts/
@_the_dorkest_knight https://www.instagram.com/meenuarts/
@esecanales https://www.instagram.com/esecanales/
@danielkeithdavis https://www.instagram.com/danielkeithdavis_/
@tomsuth_draws https://www.instagram.com/tomsuth_draws/

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Dude you have something really cool going on here. I like the humor in your animations. The subtlety of even the crack appearing and then the wall breaking elsewhere is very funny. I've been browsing through your work and I'm laughing each view. Excellent choice in music in sound design too. Loved when that cheesy brown beat came in when Blorvin entered. I really liked his design too. Keep it up, man.

StephenHutchins responds:

I'm glad to hear you like my work dude! Haha I'm blessed to have a really good music guy. He's done the music for my last three shorts.

I post animated gifs on my instagram every week along with weird drawings if you're interested.


I wish I could understand what this was going for here, but I still definitely loved this

I feel it was greatly executed for what it was, the only problem was that these wtf, acid trip, seizure inducing type animations don't appeal to a wide range of people, at least not me.

Overall good job! Taste seems to be the biggest reason it's not a 5.

StephenHutchins responds:

For shodie my brodie! I'm going for that niche audience jah feeeeeel???

I logged in just so I could give a 5 rating, favourite and write this review.

I love everything about this

StephenHutchins responds:

Hell yeah glad you dug it so much

I heard Shrek is everything. This video is the meaning of life

StephenHutchins responds:

You're my hero