Queen Elsa of Arendelle Casting Couch

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Queen Elsa of Arendelle paid a visit to the OCBoon casting couch. A huge thanks to my Patreons for making this video possible.

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Very Very good and better than anything I could do. But at the end I was scratching my head. Was she with an invisible man? More than just one position would be nice. Like her lay on the table and a face shot as it enters with mabye a funny look on her face would have been nice. The butt did move too much for a butt. Your a great animator and I not trying to be picky. It was just so short it felt like there was more not shown. Like when you get the scene where you hear a joke but it shuts off at he punchline. And your left with this look on your face. You know.

Okay... could go with a bit more voice instead of subtitles, but that seems to be trending more into "style" versus "quality"... so it's just a mention.

AND for the record, I see your intention (I think?) with the Disney-esque exaggerations in "squash and stretch"... but I'm just going to say "not exactly sold" on that really working in porn... It seems more like her ass is made of something... completely too elastic and forgiving to be an ass...
...and it's kind of a shame. Elsa has such a cute ass.

Volume controls would be nice, along with... maybe a loopable soundtrack... I don't mean anything more sophisticated than a music-box... just a little "white noise" in the background might be cool...

Here's the thing, you are at a level with this where it's really "those little things" that are going to improve it... like any of it.

The single greatest improvement for the least investment here (in case you're interested) would be a cum-shot... It wouldn't even matter if the dil' was the thing that came... which (thinking about it NOW) would actually be kinda funny... a person might pay money for a "gag" like that, and I'm not sorry about the pun.

Don't forget to breathe, relax, and then keep on keeping on... an artist grows. ;o)

Good animation. Feels like the audio was a little too low; an option to make it louder would be neat.

Extremely good animations. I'm not usually wet after short animated clips. Grats on making me have to change panties first thing in the morning.

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4.00 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2017
10:21 PM EST