Dungeon Frank Alisia (prison version)

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Another version of Alice. New toys and a new image.
This version has long been done, but I do not have time to put it on this resource.
The principle of management is the same as before.

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warning! requires common sense.

what the fuck is this shit everything just stresses her out

Harder than dark souls

Another take on an unusual game. At first sight, every impression of a rape fantasy sequence.

In fact, without her approval ("Arousal" over "Stress"), you don't get anywhere. So - oddly in view of the first impression - it's more like a physical seduction manual.

Which also means you need patience, with trial and error, and attention always to how she's feeling.

Which can be frustrating if you want a quick fix, or go "straight from zero to 100". ...

Some clues for those new to this (I don't want to give away too much, as the creator of the game clearly intends players to "solve the mystery" themselves. So just some basic hints to avoid exasperation.

Be aware that the hand has two forms - the "grab" mode is mainly for undressing - so don't reach for that too soon. In the words of the song: "Try a little tenderness"!

Picking up and dropping the various tools can be a bore. To help, be aware that you tap the TOP of the tool on the box it comes from to pick it up or replace it there, before reaching for some other box.

Always keep an eye on her Stress level - don't give her a panic heart attack! Interrupting the hard stuff and trying a little more "tenderness" in the right place (massage) reduces her stress.

The cop cap and shades seem to be removable by toggle at any stage you like. These are on the second page of the toolbox (follow the > ).

Enough basic hints.

A couple of things that are a bit unresolved for me -

At the advanced stages of arousal, not always clear which tool (including Hand 1 and Hand 2) you have to discard - and if, and how - before picking up another tool. As others have noted, it can be difficult to deposit an unwanted tool / hand.

I'm not sure how to engage the second cock. This was easier in previous versions, or so it seems.

Great artwork, and attention to detail, including her cunt, and how it opens when she's ready and is entered.

Personally, I hope there are other versions and girls to come, - with bigger tits too (if we are talking of preferences of fantasy!)

Very good, if a bit frustrating at some points (see above!) 4*

Still hard to remove items. Maybe do so that if you click on the icon i will remove it? Or double clicking it to remove it?

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3.15 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2017
4:29 PM EST
Simulation - Other