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Slut Quest 2: Slut Quest in SPACE

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Choo choo people, the hype train is finally pulling into station. I present to you, the culmination of months of hard work and dedication, a game design to, in every respect, in every regard, in every way, utterly destroy it's predecessor.

Three times as deep, with class selection, unlockable property and a ranking system, twice as long, with other twice the number of locations, moving from the mundane to the fantastical, I present the much anticipated sequel to Slut quest.

Combing my new found sense of self esteem and confidence in coding, with years of practice, this is the fruits of my final labour into this genre.

Gone are the days of me uploading a glitched game and then bugging it. With the help of dedicated testers, I've come to be able to present you with a game with zero errors, glitches, or bugs, and most of all.

Most of all.

You CAN mute the music this time :D

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. expect occasional updates to this game as time goes on.

Following on from the massive anti climax of slut quest 1, Vanessa rose, the humble slut, finds herself transported to a glorious scifi setting. In the place of generic stat grinder locations, she now travels in the ship in search of high adventure, new prospects and experiences, and a myriad of people to bang. I hope you enjoy!

And as always my legion of freemen, happy gaming.


please don't feel obligated, but, if you liked the game, have a look at the patreon, there are goodies gallore for as little as a dollar

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I have a key on my computer that just clicks really fast and i found that you can dip into negative energy with some of the activities, still a pretty good game tho

Captain-Freeman responds:

yeah its a bit buggy in places, bit prone to fault because its held together with duct tape and childhood wishes. regardless, thank you

need more

So i enjoyed this game, but what is the goal? i maxed everything out but what am i supposed to be doing?

Captain-Freeman responds:

Press the star Bitton in the command section for a prize

I love this games, ohh shit to late for work , the time go too fast bro

the star doesent work, even though i did everthing(fuck everyone, buy all upgrades)

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3.35 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2017
9:46 PM EST