Grand Fuck Anal

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Drive around town, make money, fuck bitches

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10/10 Just that its lacking in what the name implies like its gotta have more than one anal scene and I get it that its like a reward to those who finish the "story mode" and you should let the player control the speed they are going and stop the camera from shaking like its a 10 magnitude earthquake happening while you having sex. But other than all of what I just said its a pretty good game

No idea how hard it is to make ANY game but this just isn't very good. Simple, repetitive graphics. No real variety. Not much of a story. Just my opinion, of course.

Definitely shows potential, minigames are pretty easy and it concentrates mostly on the fap material as a hentai game should. However, I would say the worst part of the game is the intense camera shaking during sex scenes, it's okay if it moves some, but moving it basically at the same speed as the hips just takes you out of the experience, since that's not how sex works; hips and head are not connected. Something else to note is the wait between the speeds which would be much better if the player could control it, though at least at the end of the game it does. More variety could also be implemented, perhaps like a titfuck with the bank teller alongside the blowjob since there seemed to be some wasted potential there with only one scene.

In any case, it's a pretty decent game, it's got a simple, crazy story, but not over the top. However the title might need some rethinking since anal scenes are heavily lacking (there's only one) and people might click on the game expecting anal and leave disappointed. The animation too could use a little polishing, such as making the final girl's butt bounce a bit more in the anal scene. Little details like that are what make these animations have more life to them. Looking forward to see more works from you.

While I'm glad its not just anal, given the name it should have more than it does. Also, I feel the wait times between speeds should be removed. Other than that, its a nice game.

i was promised anal
there is only one anal scene
you have tricked me and i cannot support this

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3.04 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2017
3:07 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click