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All 31 goretober pieces I've done
edited by my pal: https://twitter.com/SonOfAMitchShow


Heh, that was really great. LOVEd the music- what was it?

I think I have to agree with BeatVoid -- while the art is really well done, it somehow didn't "touch" me. The best way I can describe it is, I think of the pictures more of as a depiction of grotesquery more than as "OMG that was once a human just like anyone I know and now it's... it's just... Jeez the universe is fucking twisted". Part of it may have had to do with the pentagrams which, when you notice and start looking for them in all the pictures if they're presented back-to-back in a movie like this, sort of detracts from the overall vibe. Don't get me wrong I think the artwork is great, I just wanted to pitch in my two cents on what IMHO could be potential next steps.

OmegaBlack1631 responds:

wasn't meant to really touch anyone, its just a quick compilation of my goreober and the "pentagram" is my signature

I don't know how to Express what he saw. When I first saw your work, in my head flashed the thought: who are all these people? Maybe it's those who dared to see forbidden? Maybe it's a crazy vision of the artist who depicts it on canvas, copying with found dead or his victims that he brutally murdered? And suddenly it's HELL in the flesh? No one knows.
Especially your signature, which gives more atmosphere to your work.
So you deservedly receive the highest scores as well as my love of your art.

Video is perfectly edited in a way that suits your style of art. However, I think the images used in the video look a little too dull and like they're of lower quality than what appears on your page. Some subtle background music would've really set this video off, and that squeaky door sound was overused a tad bit in this. Just some tips! Great work tho from your pal and yourself!

Was uncomfortable the entire time <3

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2017
8:32 PM EST