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super dude

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Author Comments

when i was a kid growing up i used to love side scroller games this is my 1st 2d unity project only 3 levels for now tho i plan to be doing updates every 1-2 days with more levels and bug fixs

i know the game is not the best im just doing it as a hobbie

my main plan for this week is to get the background all done
add more types of enemies and more levels

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super dude is based

I enjoyed playing this. It would have looked better with some clouds in the sky. The character has a nice smile on his face.
Bug - I can stand on the hands of the enemies.

chilledgamer1985 responds:

thanks for your feedback yep the bug with enemies has been pointed out all ready and will be fixed later on today with a patch and 5 new levels coming to

Could become a decent platformer if you decide to actually put effort into it.

- Hit detection / collision detection is atrocious. Sometimes I die upon touching a zombie other times I can literally push them or sit on their heads.

- Extremely buggy clipping. You can almost always get stuck in the sides / ledges of platforms. Often the only way out is back...into an enemy or into the water.

- The level design is below par. It is obvious to me that you just couldn't be bothered to design levels. All three levels are the same. Jump jump, here's some enemies, jump jump end of level.

- There are typos on the gameover screen which is sad because the text comprises of literally 6 short lines. Again, you just didn't give a fuck.

To top it all off you have the audacity to tell the reviewers in the description how to rate your game? That's really next level.

I'd suggest sorting out the "wall bug", the hit detection. Then you spend time learning how to design levels which is one of the most important things when you create a platformer. After that you can correct the typos and remove this "be sure to give this 5 stars" crap from the description. Your game should speak for itself....

chilledgamer1985 responds:

thanks for your feedback and yes the bugs you pointed out have been talked about in other reviews
the levels was just a player was just a old prototype backup i had as this has been pointed out if you had taken any time to read other reviews but looks like you just want to find something to pick it.
thank you for the one star after the next update has been done in the next day or two i hope you will retry and review it again


Liked the character designs.
Why is the hero in lower res than the zombies ?
The zombies look really well designed.

But when you get behind them and touch them you don't die.
So I tried to get as close as i could and touched him from them back to see how close the response to the end game is triggered.
But instead I ended up pushing the zombies from the back and they could only kill me if they were facing me.

Usually games are designed to kill you when you touch the bad guys irrespective of their side you face them from.
Hope you fix this issue :)

Anyway well done on your game and good Luck further hope you make more levels with much more difficulty settings and different obstacles .

chilledgamer1985 responds:

thanks for your feedback the hero was just a low res model that was getting used as a template tho i stopped working on this for a fair bit of time and just getting back into things and yes the zombie needs the area up that it can kill from that will be done in the next update tomorrow along with more harder levels

Nice start, one bug I noticed: You can push enemies forward from behind

chilledgamer1985 responds:

will be sorted right away thank you for your feedback

Credits & Info

1.92 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2017
4:52 AM EST