Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.09)

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Play the newest version here!

We’d like to thank our Patrons and the Newgrounds community for their patronage and feedback! We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!


Don’t forget to check out our Patreon! Patrons are able to vote on upcoming creative choices, submit suggestions and improvements directly the developers, and receive new versions of the game early with EXP and Currency bonuses and topless versions of certain character portraits!


Art by Emily. Check her out at


Stickers and a few cosplayers by GrossGirl. Check her out at


Ivy Sticker set by Chicken! Check her out her style is awesome!


Boss music by EternalSushi



Patch Notes:

Added the Cosplayer Compendium.

Replaces the Sticker Book button.

Contains new format for Sticker Book.

Contains a gallery through which to view all combat poses

and tear states for all savable girls.

Provides information on cosplayers and locations within easy


Contains map of the convention which updates as locations

are revealed.

Added 2 new cosplayers ALL of which are saveable. And a new animated reward/images for Ivy(unlocks after the Ivy date questline in the Cafe)

Jolteon - Found in the Maid Cafe.

Gardevoir - Found in the Maid Cafe.

Interactive 'Tall Grass' objects are now clickable.

Clicking has a greater chance to force combat.

Mouse rubbing has a greater chance of combating 'Shinies'.

Added Maid Cafe location.

Added new script and story scenarios, including the first of what will be multiple 'dates' that the player can go on with different cosplayers.

Added three new sticker sets.




Bug Fixes


Some of the files in the Cosplayer Compendium have been edited to remove lag.

Carmen, finally convinced to stop swallowing poison in an attempt to "show the jabronies how it's done", will now INCREASE the damage of the fire spell upon her summoning, rather than decrease it.

Ironed out a bug where Mara would steal 100% of players' MP, rather than a small amount, when attempting to view her reward image.

Mara has promised to the players and patrons that the extra MP will be used "expressly for purposes of additional efficiency and entertainment value."

The Ivy date quest line now has an ending and a reward image. (Anyone loading a save from 0.089 just needs to head to the beach room)

The Cosplayer Compendium's map will now tell you what ultra rare girls are savable.

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I love this game!

god damn, that second girl is a goddes...

I found this game with intent to only fap and never play again, but it's actually a great game.

Amazing, love all the jokes that Vanilla makes