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Author Comments

Progress through 30 levels controlling small marble ball which must reach finish tiles avoiding any traps and obstacles. Get points from jewels and collect medals to increase your possibilities by upgrade level. Therefore 25 achievements await to gain them.

2.0 (29th July, 2018)

- updated Phaser to 2.11.0

- completely rewrote and optimized code

- changed layout of buttons in main menu to horizontal

- removed music and sound volume buttons in pause menu

- removed Esc key for pause menu to not collide with escape from fullscreen mode

- removed instruction button from main menu

- increased upgrade level cap to 21

- added new achievements

- centered header texts in level selection

- added points counter and required threshold of next medal in level selection

W, S, A, D / arrow keys – movement

Esc / P – pause game

F - fullscreeen / windowed mode

Feel free to visit my website: https://jasonxiii.pl

Available in two languages: Polish and English.

Powered by Phaser.

You can watch trailer on YouTube:


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It was alright. It's straightforward, basically just a 2D Marble Madness clone, but it's done reasonably well. I was glad to see that the sense of frustration and difficulty was preserved from the original. The visuals were a bit bland (white and gray are virtually the only colors) and I would have preferred there to be a time meter. Most importantly, the hitboxes were ever so slightly off and the text at the bottom blocked some tiles from view. It would be better if there was a way to close the text. Nevertheless, these are not major issues. The game is still enjoyable and, at moments, even attains a sense of velocity which was not present in the original game.

The music is what makes the Game Epic.

It kinda gives the "you can do it" vibe that makes you want to play the game more every time you fall of a corner. I really liked this game because it was based on a simple concept and built steadily with increased difficulty in its level progression.

I could definitely feel it get harder each level, I think the grey tiles make the ball roll slower than the white tiles that felt very slippery.
This is what i could tell because it felt like it for me, but I am not sure if this is how the game was designed or whether it was my eyes playing games :)

My suggestion would be to change the color of the ball into a Brighter color that contrasts the
background tiles, This would allow for increased attention or better focus when you can differentiate the fore ground from the Back ground making it more appealing to the eye.

I thought the ball looked too transparent for it being the main focus of the game!

Would also appreciate if you could make a difficulty settings for the game with presets like Easy Medium Hard for people to experience the game on a whole.

All people would not appreciate playing the game on medium preset, just because you made it
doesn't mean there cannot be an easier mode- There always is an Easier mode from a 3rd persons point of view!

It is always an 'A' for effort and I really enjoyed the game thoroughly and I really wish you could make better improvements on your next game.

Whoever made the music it's a 5/5 and your choice was on point !
Well done on your game and Good Luck further !

JasonNumberThirteen responds:

Many thanks for massive opinion. I will think about that.

Overall a nice game.

Part of the score is "time remaining", but I cannot see this in the game. It is allways 0, and because of that I cannot get the third medal. Even when I rush through the level, skipping all jewels, I still get 0 time remaining.

The first levels are too long and easy. They are no challenge at all when you are careful. Because there is no challenge, I try to go faster and then fall off, having to start all over again. So I just take it slow, but then it is boring. That is not a good tradeoff.

One last minor point. When your ball collides with a corner, it should bounce back at the right angle. Right now it bounces back in exactly the opposite direction. This makes no sense and makes it feel unnatural.

I hope you can use this feedback. It is a good game.

JasonNumberThirteen responds:

Great opinion. I will take seriously this.

Pretty fun and well made!

Sweet game you've got there ^_^ Haven't played the entire thing through, but I bet that it gets really spicy and interesting later on! :D

The first levels are relatively simple, but the mechanics really take some time and patience to learn, I usually just prefer to hold down the button and pretty much fall from the platforms and meet my unescapable death xxD

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2017
5:47 AM EST
  • Phaser