The Sky House

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The Sky House is a small metroidvania about a flying creature in a flying house.
The game is inspired by REDDER and VVVVVV and take 30 mins to complete.

Hope you will like the game.

Arrows => Move
X => Jump
X X => Fly


Really fun and pretty simple with some annoyingly easy to find secrets you won't spot unless you run against all the walls
Though, I do think there could have been a proper idea of what to do, because as soon as I got those red keys, I ran everywhere trying to find anywhere I haven't looked.
Finally just back tracked and finally found the last key, which was to lead to the exit.
Pretty enjoyable.
A lotta deaths
A lotta time

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amidos2006 responds:

Thanks for playing the game :) glad you've enjoyed it :)

First of all this game is mislabeled as Metroidvania. It' isn't because the character get's new abilities during the game.

I don't really like the "jumping trough the hoops" gameplay of this, so tired of games like this, I prefer something with more freedom in how to get past obstacles. Also no enemies and no fighting here, just obstacles and hoops.

Other then that the game is well made, if you like that kind of gameplay then it's a decent piece.

In the end the game told me I got 2 coins out of 3. Funny, I never noticed any coins there.

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I really enjoyed the game, controls were on point, no stupid sliding, accelleration or inaccurate jumping. When I saw the first coin I started hunting for them, then quit when the obvious way didn't work and then started again when I accidently got the first one. After finding the second last key, I was positive the door needed four and got a little bit lost. But in the end it was great fun, and little bit of a challenge.
P.S.: What about the hidden area that seems to have nothing in it?

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amidos2006 responds:

Some of them are shortcuts for speed running :)

Wow, this is super fun! I've considered messing around on TIC-80, and I think that this might be the tipping point for me. I love the floaty gameplay, using the [down] button to control your descent. Timed laser gameplay is always really meditative for me, so I really enjoyed playing the laser-rooms. Great job! :D

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amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot and glad you liked it :)

It's a decent little game. I think the character is very floaty in a good way, and I like the mechanic of being able to descend faster by pressing down.

I wish there was a little music or ambiance in the background to make it less bleak, but I did like the way that the traps had sound cues to keep a good rhythm going - made flying through the areas a little less frustrating when I had something by which I could pace myself. However, the jumping noise was very grating. It could have been fine if it was just for the jumping, but having it as the flying made it a headache to go through flight-heavy passages.

I liked how simple the goals were - I'm a sucker for simple metroidvanias, and it was fun to accidentally get lost or go somewhere that I wasn't supposed to go yet. I liked how there was never an explicit direction, and that I had to work to find out what to do myself.

This was going to get three stars until the very end, with the rumbling of the house. It was so violent and disorienting that the game became frustrating, and I felt a little sick after having to do the same part again and again. It could have worked if it was toned down, but Jesus, in its current state, it was a very unpleasant experience.

Overall, it's still an okay game. I can't say I regret spending 1,229 seconds playing it. I want to see more from you - you have a good sense of mechanics and can make cute pixelated graphics that aren't gaudy, uninspired, or just plain terrible looking like most other nu-retro games.

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3.43 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2017
11:42 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other