Island Life Pt. 1

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Your ship sunk and you're stranded on an island. Get help from the locals in order to make it back home. This preview version contains the entire game, minus the 9 interactive sex scenes.

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PROS: Nice models
CONS: Everything else.

If the author happens to be able to develop some story, and maybe some challenge rather than click click click *female orgasm sound (even though they're sucking the MC's dick)*...
Then there's a chance it will become a GAME.

So this is supposed to be some kind of preview. But it's so bad I don't even want to play the full version. The game has no animations or any real content. Just smash that left mouse button and prepare to be disappointed.

not worth the time,no animations nothing. It was already weird enough for one of the girls to expect a present out of nowhere.

Just 1 for the effort. Grammar and spelling was off. No animations whatsoever. No choices. Just clicking till the end of it. A cheap game with 3D models. meh

not only does it NOT HAVE ANIMATIONS with a art style that basically REQUIRES it, it has the audacity to be basically a point and click that HAS NEARLY NO STORY 0/5 would not recommend