Emperor Palpamean

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It became apparent that Emperor Palpatine was a huge dick after seeing Rogue One and Vader's castle. This video elaborates on that fact.


Fantastic animation and art. The writing could use some work though.

That ending theme was great. I suggest not having the emperor keep saying, "What do you think of that?" since it makes the joke obvious. As I grow older I am finding that subtlety make for funnier jokes. However, your art style was great and I love how the light in Vader's eyes show how sad and upset he is without him saying it.

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Well done! It's true that Palpatine was mean to Vader... he was angry and almost killed/left Vader to die on Mustafar. He later decided that Vader would be a good asset, since (more or less) after giving Vader impossible suicide mission tasks, a crappy suite (of which Vader modified), and essentially every reason to fail, he later saw that Vader could even surpass him.

I DID notice the pacing of the video (I was more concerned with the fact that Vader had both hands in the last scene), Palpatine in his force abused old age, probably does move slow anyway... but about the Rogue One comment, I didn't really notice the movie displaying Vader's abusive relationship with Palpatine... though I probably missed it since there was so much going on.

Either way, maybe you could make a show!

Ending a Star Wars parody with the original Star Trek theme...edgy.

The pacing was a bit slow, but the art style is pretty good.

I enjoyed it, even though I knew what was coming.
Love the picture of him pointing at Padme's corpse. Great touch!
Especially adding how he trained Maul, and how he put Dooku on the pay no mind list, the Emperor was pretty much a dickhead.

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4.01 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2017
3:19 AM EST
Comedy - Parody