Save NekoMika!

November 16, 2017 –
February 4, 2018
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Author Comments

NekoMika has been kidnapped by a monster and it is your job to rescue her.

Press Z to jump, and X to attack. I hope you like my game!

Added HTML5 file and SWF file to the game.


The game was good, in my opinion you could have done a better job by talking some time in designing the characters, they looked like you made them in a 'Hurry'!
The music was the real highlight, and I must say it was EPIC !
I suggest you change the attack animation, I couldn't tell exactly what he does when you press X.
All I see is a blue bar coming in front and disappearing.

So I completed the game, the one thing that I'm really disappointed about is that I didn't get to kill the boss.
The art work on Neko Mika was cool.
1)Why does she look big?
2)Why does the Boss look ridiculously big ?

But well done on your game !
Good Luck further !

Well that was fun! XD Not too long either. Bit weird you die (well I assume you die when you restart the level) if you hit a door, and the monster jump patterns are a bit weird; that attack is... well what kind of attack is that? Short-range laser beam? :O Once you get the hang of the quirks it's a fun little adventure though! Nice tribute!



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2.28 / 5.00