Dear Diary v0.0.1 by the Andras Nest

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Project Link: www.patreon.com/andrasnest

WARNING: This game is in a pre-alpha state. First released version ever, so it could totally trigger some bugs. Please, if you find some bugs report that!!!

INFO:The Main Character after a car crash loses the full control of his body, in a fight between life and death he find himself in a mysterious place surrounded by snow, with a strange hooded girl... he will make the deal that will change his life forever.

I Hope you all will like it.

I***t (s*n/m*r, b*r/s*s, etc.)
Group sex (MMF, MFF and more)
BDSM (spanking, bondage, etc)


Ive read where devs say 250mb limits there creativity with whats uploaded, I however have to disagree with this logic.
If there limited to 250mb then use it to your best advantage, dont just leave a bug ridden unfinished work as a demo. This becomes counter productive and only turns people off the game itself.
There is no reason you couldnt have a 250mb version that works even if it only completes a few quest and story lines. It's called a Demo version, you dont need to have a complete game, just a complete demo game making us want to know what happens next so we go and become patrons.

1. At night you cant intearct with either your mother or sister when there sleeping.
2. The bathroom door stays open so you dont get the "Peek" option.
3. Coming from the pool you get script errors causing the game to fail.
4. Your up to version 1.02 or something but your Demo is still only .0.0.1 you seriously need
to update it or at least fix the bugs in this one. From what I have seen your not really
interested in our dollars, if you were then you would keep this up to date.
I have played this also on gamcore, so if that site lets you put up more file size then use that site and keep the link updated with say 1 or 2 updates behind your latest patron released one.

If Elisar Studio's can do this (as well as other enlightened creators) then theres no reason you cant. This will help get us all wanting more so you would have more patrons as a result.
Down side to your current process is that I have seen the version that patrons are getting then see what your leaving as a tasty morsel and I am sorry to say the age of the morsel in comparison to the current private released version leaves a lot to be desired.

If you leave it so broken here and elsewhere then we have no incentive to become patrons, these sites are where you advertise your game and seek investors for it (patrons), ford wouldnt sell many new cars if they left the demo model as a model T, and not an XR8 or more modern car.

It's an intersting game with an intresting storyline, why hamstring it by ignoring your main point of contact here and sites like gamcore...

I just dont get it....

For a Pre-Alpha its not that bad. Here are some quick bugs I've noticed (perhaps some were mentioned already):
- Sometimes you go to bed and the player's mother wakes him up when its still dark. It happened to me starting the day 7.
- Money doesn't seem to increase, perhaps its just the lemonade job has the text info but no money is increasing on the character.
- Sometimes you may find the mother's sprite going to wake you up, while on the shower you see that she is there for peeking up.
- I was able to Peek at the teacher, although the message said that I got a video, its not seen in the inventory, nor anything.
- Watching TV with the sister did not increase any relationship at all.

Since its Pre-Alpha, it is possible that some may be added in the future, but just in case here are some quick suggestions:
- By paying $15 per class, the character may be able to build up his strength by swimming (the sprite could automatically go from one end of the pool to another). This could also increase relationship with the lifesaver.
- Clicking on the axe on the backyard, the character could increase the relationship with Mom, along with some Strenght a little bit.
- Perhaps having a check list of people to spy (or spied, and where) could help.
- I believe that more residential buildings could increase the chance of the character triggering some sex scenes by looking at the window from outside. This is not necessary a map per house, but more sprites with houses and windows. I believe this may work at the character's neighbor.
- By going to the club at night could increase some charisma or charm. If the character talked to at least 3 people per day he could maintain it, if talked to more than 6, perhaps increase it (The only real way to be more sociable with strangers is by talking, not by playing games or staying at home).

So far, this is what came to my mind. I know you may have your many projects and ideas, but I shared some I'm expecting or hoping to see in case these help.

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there is a lot of glitches can u fix them i got into a glitch loop with the bullies and it remaining night after a few days like you get woken up when its night the lemonade stand u should get money but a glitch prevents it

AndrasNest responds:

All fixed for the new version

Please add some way to reduce lag like, reduce effects or something.

AndrasNest responds:

In what place are you experiencing lag?

i got a bug then i wake up the night animation dose not work (mom wakening u up )

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2.04 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2017
1:01 PM EST
Adventure - RPG