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PicNic Panic is an endless runner where you need to avoid obstacles. Don't lose speed or Bobo will catch you!

The game is currently under development and we would love to get your feedback. We'll try to fix and add new features so the game will be something fun to play. We've already collected a lot of information from the comments of the game, thanks to all the players that took the time to comment PicNic Panic


Fun Game with some awesome graphics

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Rodlaiz responds:

Thank you very much for the compliments, it means a lot to us ;)

its just the same old endless runner, not much to expect, though the sound effect for the coins is way too loud

Rodlaiz responds:

It is just un endless, indeed. We wanted to keep it simple. The game is not finished yet and we're looking for feedback from the community. Thanks for your comment. I'll tone down the volume of the coin a bit, you're right.

Pretty nice game.
... though a bit repetitive, once over 1000 m.

Rodlaiz responds:

Thanks for the comment, we're thinking what could we add to the game to make it more interesting and engaging but still keeping it simple.

I like the animation, the music and all your sound effects. I find though without a goal or an an achievement to strive towards that after the ten times I played it, I was done. It was fun though.
It would be nice to be able to bump into a bee hive to delay the bear for a bit.

Rodlaiz responds:

Ha! The bee hive is a great idea! One of my friends kept telling me that we should have action that make the bear slow down, the bee hive is definitely a cool idea to add, thanks for your comment

Meh, it's not bad; but I've played better games of this type.

The hit detection is a bit bad, and sometimes I find ridiculously unfair situations (two obstacles that are very close together or an obstacle below and another just above that one).

It also took me a while to guess that you jump with the space bar.

It has its good stuff; the gameplay is pretty decent and the visuals are kinda original.

I insist, it's not bad; but I expected something from another world considering it is on the front page even being under judgment.
Sorry for my bad English.

Rodlaiz responds:

Yes, there's a lot of endless runners that beats the hell out of our PicNic Panic, we're trying to do something in a small scope and fun to play. We'll add some instructions so the players will know how to play right from the beginning. I have a question for you, what make you say that the hit detection is bad? I'll try to improve it.

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3.30 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2017
12:59 PM EST
Action - Other