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Puppet Regime Demo Reel

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A demo reel featuring the main cast of characters! Huge thanks to John Gordon for filming this, Craig Corso for helping puppeteer CONTACT: CraigJamesCorso@gmail.com Ian Rees for arraging the Grunt theme for orchestra https://twitter.com/ianreesmusic And Courtney Mills for reprising her roles as well as voice Pyrella! https://www.facebook.com/courtneyscos... https://soundcloud.com/courtney-mills...

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haha i laughed at whitedemon8303's review.
i just don't mind, it's all a joke and pretty funny and i like the style of the puppets with crude and fucked up humor.
Daily 4th place since 15th November 2017 doesn't lie, it's actually good work.
just keep it up.

Propaganda. On one character at the same time Nazi crosses and Soviet awards. I don't know what you learn in school, but it's not funny. This is outrageous! Nazism and communism are completely different ideologies. Stalin and all of soviet people freedom Europe from total destruction. Nazism is the whole world for one nation, genocide of all others. Communism is the unity of all peoples under the banner of the dictatorship of the proletariat! Millions of people died because of world war II. It's not funny. In the Soviet Union there is no family no matter where a dead relative from the disgusting hands of the Nazis. And if you put them in a one row it means in your head, intelligence is not more than the head of Goering. Thank you for reading.

GruntVonVeizatun responds:

Number one its a joke. Number two the joke is that ALL the characters are supposed to be horrible people. Thats why there are ALSO HOMICIDAL CARNIVAL MANIACS AND A DEMONIC DUMMY. Number three, if you actually watch my stuff you'd now the Soviet characters HATE the nazi characters. Because I KNOW the Soviets fought the Nazis. Thats actually a joke. They're all evil and just so happen to live in the same country. And for the love of god THEY'RE PUPPETS. LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP, ITS A JOKE.

This is not the puppet show we need... but it is the one we DESERVE!

GruntVonVeizatun responds:

You have no idea how much I appreciate this comment. Been trying to pitch this to Adult swim for years. I just finally put a pitch package together. Hopefully one day you'll see these fleece bastards on the telly destroying all that you know and love :)

The characters are great and the puppets as so well done. I know you may hate the comparison, but they are muppets from Hell. We need them!

GruntVonVeizatun responds:

Jim Henson was a god damn GENIUS so I am flattered by the comparison. Thank you SO much! I work really hard to get videos out, so hopefully one day I'll be on Adult Swim or something.

Very nice. Where do you fine the time. GREAT JOB!