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Play as Mager, the small mage, to help him recover the stolen Earth Orb! Traverse the forest, cross lakes, and climb a mountain to finally reach the tower where the orb is heavily guarded!

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Gamepad Controls:
- D-Pad Left & Right to Walk
- Hold X button to Run
- Press A button to Jump, twice to Double-Jump
- Hold D-Pad Down in the air for the FlameDrop
- Press D-Pad Up while in front of a door to enter it
- Press Start to Pause the game

Keyboard Controls:
- Left & Right Arrows to Walk
- Hold X key to Run
- Press C key to Jump, twice to Double-Jump
- Hold Down arrow in the air for the FlameDrop
- Press Up arrow while in front of a door to enter it
- Press Enter to Start and Pause the game

- Use the Flamedrop to break blocks, and interact with other objects
- When a Spell Tome is acquired, FlameDrop any solid surface to cast spells
- There are many secret passages
- Collect the star coin in a stage to access the shop at the end
- Beat the boss of stage 1-3 to win!

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I like this one, but already in level 1, the screen goes black at the point where you go up. Strange but consistent bug. (Chrome, Windows 7).

ryogo responds:

Hi, like I mentioned in the Author's Comments above, you need to enable your browser's hardware acceleration to not get a black screen. It's in Settings -> Advanced -> System.
I Hope you'll try playing again!

Hey I beat this game! Very well made keep up the good work.

My Feedback
- I think if you do the gems like the yoshi coin style from super mario world is better than doing the small gems + large gems. They are a bit random and I think most people are not going to bother collecting all the small gems
- The firing mechanic needs to be tweaked a bit in the controls. I find it hard to accurately get a blast out, maybe dedicated button instead of smashing down but I you intended that way for some reason
- The boss branch bounce is too tricky lol I'm pretty sure the branches homes on you when you are near by am I right? Because of the bounce animation it throws me off on where I should be moving

And on a side note
- for the longest time I thought the buttons in the final castle were mushrooms! I didn't bother hitting them and couldn't figure out where to go. It's just me though

Played fine on Firefox with keyboard. No need to recommend Chrome :)

ryogo responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

- The gems work as currency to buy stuff in the shop after each level (given that the player found the level's Star Coin). Like the basic coins in Super Mario Bros, the player doesn't HAVE to collect them all.

- For the spell casting mechanic, I know it can be harder to use and aim accurately than a single button press, but with practice it becomes second nature, and I also think it's more fun like this. Besides, stomping the enemies remains the main method of attack.

- The nut shards were not homing on you. There's a slight randomness to the bouncing angle, and the strength of the bounce is greater when a nut hits a block instead of the ground.

- As for the switches you've mistaken for mushrooms, I've added a subtle flashing animation to them to draw the player's attention (not in the demo build though).


ryogo responds:


I'm missing something here: how do you complete a level? I've collected - as far as I can tell - all the gems that are available on level 1-1 (80). I get to a stack of platforms where the top one has what looks like a door. I can't go through the door. What am I doing wrong?

ryogo responds:

When the character is standing in front of a doorway, press up to enter and continue. Thanks for playing the game.

Awesome. Great graphics if a bit monotone, like things were all of the same hue? Sorry, I don't know the technical terms for visuals. ike sometimes things were hard to distiguish. The music got a bit boring but loved it. great game.

ryogo responds:

Thanks for the comment! I understand what you mean, I did this to make sure that the background doesn't make it difficult at all to see what's going on.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2017
6:51 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop