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Animatic Segment, Soldier and Gas mask scene

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The fable is 'Bundle of Sticks' I had to do one scene in Act 2 of 3 acts. Our aim of the film is to visual the fable through motifs and symbolism shown with the snapping of twigs for the loss of life and the change in style to jolt the audience into a new surrounding and mood

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it´s ok but so short, you can put more suspense or time, it´s so fast what looks like a gif with sound

EvanClifford responds:

hi :) yeah i know, i didn't really have much say in how long my scene would be, unfortunately, otherwise i would of gone ham haha. you are not the first to mention and probably not the last lol, thats because it is only a segment. (as mentioned in the title) it is my contribution to a 2 minute short ANIMATIC not an animation, a lot seem to miss that detail, the full short is this link: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/702134 thanks for your comment!

It was shorter than I expected, but not bad! Well-animated. Atmospheric. Reminds me of Gone with the Blastwave, and Metro 2033, and all of these franchises that seem to make the gas mask their image. Good stuff.


EvanClifford responds:

thanks :) yeah its just my cut from a 2 minute short , was orginally 20 seconds long for better dramatic effect but my team wanted 7 to 8 seconds so had to make a more jaring and abrubt style of editing unfortunately, but couldnt really argue because of the brief for the project is 2 minutes. will probably upload the full short animatic once it is done, however i will have to re-edit it myself because there will be copyright music used. our animatic is part of a uni coursework project and we are being marked on our contribution to the team

Eerie. I heard there's a longer version from another review, can we see that?

EvanClifford responds:

another review? its still currently in its final editing stage atm but will hopefully upload once its done, including the credits to others who contributed to the team :)

haha short but killer

EvanClifford responds:

thanks! this is the edit that was put in the final animatic for my project. my scene was originally like 14 to 20 seconds, to build up the creepy tension, but had to shave to 8ish seconds for my team, as we had to stick to a 2 minute brief

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Nov 10, 2017
2:27 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 12, 2017