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Rogue Courier EP02

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[W],[A],[S],[D] or [Arrow keys] = Move Character, Ship
[T] or [Mouse left-click] = Primary Ability, Attack
[Y] = Second Ability
[Mouse] = Interact with menu, move ship in strategy mode. Aim in Rpg Battle mode.

11/29/2017 10:30 AM EDT: Version 2.05
-Gallery now has posters! Once you visualize a poster, it will be unlocked on the gallery.
-Added Lily Exotica Poster
-Bug fixes on lots of small graphical issues.

11/29/2017 02:21 PM EDT: Version 2.04
-Battle mode now has aim with mouse.
-Guide Arrow is now smoother. =)
-corrected a reported bug where Emoru wasn't being spawn correctly.
-All sorts of internal fixes.

11/24/2017 23:00 PM EDT: Version 2.03
-Added arrow guide to help the player navigate through RPG mode and find quest NPCs more easily.
-Added movement by arrow keys as requested by left-handed players.

11/13/2017 05:32 AM EDT: Version 2.02
-Added a pirate counter on the pirate hunt event at the space shooter.
-repaired bug regarding save files begin corrupted.
-fixed a bug with the ship fluid, after using it and entering a station, ship life wasn't healed.
-fixed a bug regarding a softlock on the last fight.

11/08/2017 11:35 AM EDT: Version 2.01, quick fixes to repair some of the major issues people have been reporting.


Note: to those that are new to this game, I highly advice you to go play EP1 first https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/682800

I can't reply to all complaints here because you simply didn't play the previous one. You will get disoriented, so play EP01 first.

In the vast expanse of the universe, a story is unfolding. From a dark past to a darker future,... experience, power, fame, and wealth is worth a fight. But what really matters is the fucking. Lots and lots of it.
Play as Kouia. Browse the fabrics of space to find great adventures.
whew!.. after a lot of sweat and tears. the wait is over. it's live now. go get it my beloved NG. show us some love

lots of stuff added in here. we got shop, rpg battle,posters,inventory and and the usual jiggling boobs! big kudos to Pink Cookie Games once again. he's the magican
project is still in development and if you like it , we'll be pleased if you help it grow

visit http://www.patreon.com/pinoytoons to support us
for full build and updates

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Pro-tip: Don't save the game inside the Euphoria spaceship when the game tells you to go to the Bartolina, or the game will break when you load that save. Save inside the Kolon Daral Station before enter the spaceship is safe, however.

where is the wacko fella lol the arrow just points me to a wall

No objections, but it is quite long...

its okay but I think I found a bug when talking with the male shop keep it says that more stuff is available but when you click to check it out it freaks out and does not let you go back I finished the chapter but you might want to look into this for others

either the game is bugged or broken, cause after i navigated the map with the ship it took me to a screen with the characters in the ship and none of the menus were accessible, i clicked nothing worked, i used the movement keyes nothing worked i tapped t nothing happend and i tapped y nothing happened.

pinoytoons responds:

i'll foward this message to PCG. ty for the info

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2017
3:44 PM EST

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