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TheBruvs - Rude Word

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Crime family brothers Doug and Den are back in their lock-up with someone who needs to be taught a lesson. They know him well. And the lesson is one that will impact on all their family and their standing in the community.

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Man I just love the style and setting with some humor on the side. what is this some sort of cut out! animation in the south park style? i would love to make something like this in this style.

TheBruvs responds:

We're hand drawn. We use a syntique now but started more basically pencil on paper, scanning into the computer and colouring up with Adobe Photoshop. The coloured stills are then sequenced in Adobe After Effects. The After Effects 3D camera is then used to composite the moving animated sequences with the still background elements, allowing 3D environments to be created. The dit of sound and visuals is also done in Adobe After Effects and outputted as a High Res Quicktime Movie. Thanks for your interest - we have many more films over at TheBruvs.com - please check us out there too.

UNLIKE the comment below me. This was fucking epic, I respect people who can cuss in a way that it involves conversation, not in anger, but convos. "Starshade" doesn't get it.

The Bruvs do need to be a bad influence on society.
I would love some A Class swearing, (there are too many babies on this site who don't know it's original roots.)

I love this series already and would love more, (I'm already up to date) Your animation and sound are simply wonderful (no homo).

Simply put : This would be something I would watch alongside Rick and Morty.

Amazing job. 5/5 10/10.

Give us MORE.

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. Much appreciated. When you say Up to Date.. we have 17 films at TheBruvs.com - we are loading here as we can. But we'd love more views on our channel and website. We also welcome all newcomers to our FB, twitter and insta.. TheBruvs.com # @TheBruvsTV - Thank you again. Please spread the word. We are trying to grow and then we can do longer and more eps.

I love the Bruvs, but this was not that funny. It would have been more funny to me if he had actually said something bad to begin with, or was just saying "poo" at the moment and then later confessed what his actual bad word was. Most importantly, the bleeped swearing at the end just decreased it for me. You have great humor, no need to spoil it with swearing. The Bruvs don't need to be a bad influence on society.

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. We se your point. Our point was what a bad influence the brothers are even when they think they are being good ones. We bleeped cos we do not want any A class swearing. Thank you for all your comments.

No offense, but this is just shit humor.

The animation is good, though.

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. We think. Credit to Eoin Clarke for the animation. - We have 17 films at TheBruvs.com - gradually getting them up here but you might have a visit. You might even fancy checking our twitter or insta. Thanks again.

Animation reminds me of good ol' Appsro. And the writing/voice acting was just utterly hilarious. Great job, fellas. I gotta check out the rest of these. Thanks for posting to NG. Always great to see more love here.

TheBruvs responds:

Thank you. Much appreciated. We're sorry not to have found Newgrounds sooner. Great response here. We have 17 films at TheBruvs.com - will get more up here soon. If you fancy get on our other social sites too. All links at the website. Thanks again. Appreciated.

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3.87 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2017
2:31 PM EST
  • Daily Feature November 9, 2017