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Move with WSAD/Arrow Keys
Pro-Tip : You move faster when you move diagonally
Updated Version: Smaller Area and more challenging gameplay. New medals for 600 and 650 length and a slightly better medal and scoreboard scripts. The medals work, just refresh if it is not unlocked yet. Most of the score medals and length medals unlock while you play. Enjoy
What started as one of my self demotivating challenges turned into somewhat of a prized possession.
I just wanted to make a simple snake game in a day.Once i had my viable project i began to tinker and made this what it is now.
I added visual effects and points and a system that kind of rewards you for your game play. I added medals and this is what you have. Hope you like it as much as i do.
Follow me here : https://nitinkumar25195.newgrounds.com/follow
You can check out my other games at :

PS: There are still some ideas that i did not add in this game and i will soon release one with those implemented
Adarsh Kumar, Shivam Batra and Akhil Goyal, thanks for play testing and giving your feedback on this. Very much appreciated.
PPS: The loader takes a little time, please be patient.

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Groovy game

So as I get into this game not knowing what to do at first I still found this pretty entertaining, learning as I play was fun the "INTERFCE" could look smoother, What are the right words, Swanky and Groovy come to mind, And here I am reviewing another one of these fantastic submissions, now dont get me wront there are some things that could use more effort and you could change some stuff, but for the most part I like what you got going on here. Its Loaded with fantastic elements, and hope to see more of the same soon.

The interface could look fresher and smoother


Very addictive game. Would recommend for someone who has too much time on their hands.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

Amazing game for its title, "JustAnotherSnakeClone". It is an amazing take on the original game. I thought that it would be just that, another snake clone, but boy was I wrong. You took a classic, simple game, and modernized it in just the right way. Now, the only thing you could add is more bad powerups, because as I am writing this it is only blue. Great game, 5 stars, you earned yourself a follow.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Wow. Thank you for the amazing feedback. I will try my best to not disappoint.

In age of 3D snakes and snakes with cool graphics it's hard to impress in this genre, but still this is a decent take on the classic game. Many different things with various effects to pick up is surely more fun then single food piece on the screen.
Also piano music in a snake game is very nice.
The many medals are also nice. The medals are working fine right now, but the game froze on me when I was aiming for 650 length, the game froze at 617 length! That's really annoying, I will give another try tomorrow, hope it doesn't freeze again. I don't know what caused the freeze, the length of snake the score in multiple tens of millions or too many things picked up within small time frame. Btw, I cannot get any of the shaking earthquake medals that have to do with picking up things fast one after another and I have tried. I hope these medals work and this doesn't cause game to freeze.

awesome game, but the map could've been a bit wider

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The game originally had a wider area and felt a little bland, i reduced the area to make it a short and fun experience.

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3.27 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2017
1:27 PM EST
Action - Other
  • Daily 3rd Place November 9, 2017