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Masked detective (unfinished)

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A masked detective with misterious cards breaks in a hat-man's appartment to find evidence and charge him for his crimes


WELL AGAIN, this is an unfinished project, i'm sorry to contaminate the portal with that, but I've put too much effort in it, i'm really disappointed at myself for not finishing it cause i'm really proud of some scenes in that project

There is multiples reason of why I don't want to finish it:

-If you watch precisely you can see that my animation and drawing in general kind of improved since the beginning to the end of the video, indeed, during the month, my style changed, I've learned more, and I wanted to do differents things about the style of my characters

-and the last reason, is because of the story that I was trying to make; when I started the project I didn't made a storyboard I've only write my story, and the characters were not clear.. the story was not clear.. everything was not clear !

-regarding the music, I've made it myself so it's new for me to "score" my animations and it was reaally fun to do, so no regret about that, and I'll gladly scoring my next animations

-I've also tried to make my own SFX, but there is only a few made by me in this project, because for now I don't have the necessary equipment (like a good mic for example) so I've used many that appears in the credits, and as always, big thanks to the Dojo's community for providing us free SFX to use

Fun fact:
-when I writed the story, I've told that the masked guy's name is Edward, and that he was not a detective but he was trying to become one, that's why he puts a mask with a mustache drew on it because the famous detective that he loves have a mustache, and Edward is beardless !

-I've tried to put a 50s ambience with the background and the clothes of the characters (no need to say that there is obviously big mistakes

Be free to share what you think about this animation
I really hope my next upload will be a finished project

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Wow, I really like your style man! It looks very original. Can't wait to see more of you.

How long have you been animating for man? If this is you starting out, then i cant wait to see what your capable of the further you get into it!!
Very entertaining, and your animation flows really well, but i see what you mean about proportion and cleaning up your lines. You could totally get away with saying thats how u intended the animation to look though!!

Well done! cant wait to see what you release next!!
But FINISH Your next one! Lol

PounchPounch responds:

Thanks man it means a lot to me !

This is a little bit of a long story but basically I've started at 10 years old doing essentially stick fights, but as I grew up I wanted to do more, way more, and I started to do fullbody animations 3 years ago without knowing anything about anatomy, this is why I have a big lack of knowledge in animation because I'm keeping doing stuff without learning, but now, I know that learning methods (but still applying them in my own ways) is very important lol

My next release will be a finished project for sure ! But I'll upload some shorts animation first, before doing big projects because I want to practice thoses proportions and cleaning problems I have

Great animation. More please!

What an ambitious piece of animation! This piece had some very advanced techniques used. Everything that lacked practice was made up for by effort. Would be very interested in seeing more of your work.

+objects showed weight
+light and sound were excellent
+perspective changes were fairly advanced
+plot was easily understood

-some techniques were a bit rough
-felt unfinished (which was expected)

PounchPounch responds:

Thanks a lot man ! It obviously needs improvement yes ! And I really hope my next upload to be a finish project


Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2017
9:22 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place November 6, 2017