Demon Girl: The Showcase (2017)

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There is no game, only memories.
Based on a 2006 hentai flash game by LineMarvel!

This is just a small tribute to his work that I think has been very inspirational to many nsfw creators out there, including myself. A little late for Halloween but I hope you guys will like it!
I tried to make the poses as accurate to the original as possible while making some changes here and there. Also the plan was to just have one loop but here we are :D

Alt. Flash Links: https://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Derpixon/551180/Demon-Girl-The-Showcase-2017

Video Version Links: https://www.erome.com/a/Lh9VnEEj
Further support is much appreciated!
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Thank you.

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speedrun record: 12.34 seconds (from pressing play to pressing end)

Demon Girl was one of my first adult games i played, so fun finding this! and the end made me laugh big time!

Demon Girl was one of the first hentai games i played when Newgrounds was new to me
With this, you could've sworn it was a HD remaster
Thanks for bringing back good memories and making me excited in more ways than one

This game does Demon Girl justice!

You're a good author.