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Hot as Hell (Alpha 0.20)

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Hot as Hell is a dating sim placed in a vision of hell inhabited by Humans, Demons, and Chimeras. Because of questionable morality of his neighbors, the main character might struggle with problems of discrimination, dishonesty, and cruelty around him. However, his mission (to take over the current Devil) requires him to unite as many individuals as he can.

In this update, the main difference is a dating system. We fixed its major bug, and we added pretty much all available activities, apart from
There are no new characters or image events, due to technical issues with graphics tablet, which was fixed very recently.

Please contact us if you found any little bug during the game or if you want to share your thoughts, what could we improve.

Most of the music used in the game was made by:

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Yo are you still here?

I don't know if this give anything but i found bug when using upgraded soul catcher (bought from trunk) sometimes its doesn't catch souls just ignores them.
By the way game is really great and if there will be full game i would definitely play.

nice game

It's been years, but it would be cool to see this game finished.

Please finish this