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This film began life as a short story, then a creepypasta reading video, then I thought it'd be nice to have some animated visuals, and now I've ended up with this fifty minute experimental film. I would've liked to have used more visual storytelling and dialogue scenes between multiple characters rather than narration, but after crunching the numbers I worked out that re-animating the whole thing (with the level of animation seen in the opening) would take me at least two years, and decided that it'd be better to spend that time focusing on other projects.

The end result is a very limited animation style for the most part, but I still tried a few unusual techniques to make certain sequences feel more uncomfortable or jarring, such as reversing the rule of having a static background with the character in motion. Hope people find something to enjoy here. Have a great Halloween, guys.

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As I saw the impressive length of this movie I sat down in front of computer with a nice meal to watch it. I thought the great length would make great entertainment. I was only half right. While this movie was enjoyable, I think it was too long. After first 5-15 minutes the middle part of the movie was rather boring. Then it got more interesting in the end again. Sometimes one must learn to be short and cut the exposition shorter. A little too much unnecessary details and repeated things. Especially the needles repentance of the word "commuter" always with such peculiar emphasis on this unimportant detail, got on my nerves.

Aside from that, the movie is generally creepy, mysterious, captivating at parts. All without jumpscares, but one, that got me good. The main character is a young man of urban background, with profession both artsy and techy enough so that most of newgrounds audience and staff can probably identify with him and some of the the creepy "coincidences" are vague enough to remind for most of people some strange moment like that and give that slight feeling of what if reality is not as oblivious as it seems.

Awesome. so creative and very well made

WOW ingreible que se hayan hechado 50 minutos de animaron sinceramente mis respetos

Amazing, beautiful and poetic. the voice acting is spot on and I love the collage of techniques.

I'm amazed by the fact that you did put so much effort into this animation and by the way I must admit that some good editing skills there.
Good job I liked the narration and the story as well...Is just my opinion but have you ever thought of being a voice actor.