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Halloween Good Morning Shut Up! 10-31-17

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Happy Halloween, Newgrounds! Special Halloween stories today, costumes and ya' hot news. Grab ya' coffee and get ready to Shut Up!

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This is probably the best episode yet. It's hard to list favorite episodes of a new show. I am glad to be here on Halloween. It's nice to see Jimmy wearing a top for once. Even then, it isn't fully a top. One kid had meth and here I was thinking razor blades was the main problem.

I guess people won't be dressing as Kevin Spacey this year. I heard that on "The Daily Show". I liked how the duck was wearing the costume. Well, it was mostly just a hat. Happy Halloween!

threebrain responds:

hahahaha tanks, Ericho! Happy Halloween! Yeah Kevin Spacey is in the doghouse for sure.

First off, this actually got posted in the morning lol. I can see this show getting better with enough time. I'm still slowly warming up to it so excuse my 3 stars.

threebrain responds:

Tanks! It's a fun process. 1st week's were slow and busted, but they are getting tighter and it's fun to learn. Tomorrow is a funny one so far—experimenting with speeding up the delivery.

Great setup and animation. I love the VO and the talk show concept. Keep it coming.

threebrain responds:

Hey tanks mang!!!

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2.91 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2017
10:05 AM EDT