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That was easy! 5 Points

get to 40m

That was kinda hard! 10 Points

get to 75m

That was REALLY hard! 50 Points

get to 100m

GODLIKE 100 Points

get to 150m

Author Comments

Welcome to K.E.T. ! (Kah Eh Te)

Stay alive! you're Pepito McBigotes, an explorer who fell down a cave!

Touch/click your way through danger and certain death!!!

can you make it to 150m?

Pro tips:

1) Knives follow your position when they're thrown, use all the screen, go up and drop down, you shouldn't just keep moving all over the screen without thinking. Be patient.

2) Git good

Not a lot of people make it past 30... stuff starts happening at 40m! C'mon people!

This is my first game, made in Construct2 in 4 days

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is this a hacker's game or just plain garbage?

It's a kinda fun and frustrating game, it's not bad, but i wish the wall that appears on 40m would occupy less space, is get's kinda harding calculating the fall to dodge knifes there, and the spinning adagues, jesus christ, it seems they try to snipe me everytime, i get that it its suppose to be this way and to be hard, but gosh with the spinning it gets too much hard

This game is similar to flappy bird but it is a little bit more more fun and a little bit less difficult, because avoiding knives is more fun and easier then flying trough holes in walls. But this game is still very difficult and has the same endless monotonous gameplay. All that awaits you if you play this is inevitable in-game death, frustration and rage, so think twice before picking this up. Technically the game is well made but the gameplay is only for the very patient people.

Got around 31 but this is where i stop playing your game.

Unlike Flappy Birds your game does NOT have a decent learning curve. You are either good at these game and you will go above 50 or you are not good and you will be stuck at around 30-35. There is nothing to learn or to improve on here the difficulty gets from modes to insane around 30m.

With a few change I think you would get better scores.

- in a game where you constantly die THERE IS NOT NEED FOR THE COUNTDOWN AGAIN AND AGAIN. It pissess off the player, it is needless delay and simply makes me want to quit.
- same goes for the music. You are dying over and over again...it shoud NOT RESTARD. It gets old really fast
- there is no indication as to how far you can go up or down. You can go slightly out of frame but there is no way to tell if the next click will save me from a dagger or kill me because I hit the top / bottom of the play area. If you need to limit your play area do so in a manner which we can see.

I think this game has potential, the graphics are good, the sounds are decent, the jumping "physics" are very responsive and well programmed.

However if you don't address the the points I mentioned this game will continue to receive poor reviews for one sole reason: YOU ARE PISSING OFF THE PLAYER.

Your game hasn't been properly tested, I see?
It freezes if you are falling down from the screen.
Plus you have not made a proper instruction to warn people about dying if you'll go too high.
welp, at least it works properly when you die from that.
Overall, it's a flappy bird clone with a minor twist.
So, considering the lack of effort put into it, you get only 2 stars. Have a nice day.

Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2017
6:32 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid