Make Me Die Pokémon I

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This "classic" (i.e. old movie) is the second movie in the Fall of the House of Bulbasaur series. Like the first Bulbasaur movie, you test weapons on the last four Ivysaurs. But the original version sported a secret ending, but since on one found it, the ending isn't secret anymore.

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I thaught this game would be longer!

wit woo

you can have a smack for that

Just fuckin cheap!

Leave pokemon allone you asshole! There sales and marketting did absolutely no harm what so ever to the world, its just a bunch of pokemon hating ignorant assholes and dipshits who refuse (or too stupid to learn about pokemon for what it's truly about) to understand pokemon and continue to make n00bish immitation pokemon flaming flash crap. This site has far too many pokemon hating bullshit and they need to be cleaned out of the portal for good, and be replaced with good quality, decent, and legit pokemon flash. Look at Magicman XD,s pokemon flash, his totally owns yours. Neo Pikachu's flash owned yours 400 times. If I were you I wouldnt make another one like this again EVER! You are just another ignorant pokemon hater who's just avoiding facts and depend on asshat accounts to give this poor excuse flash a high score. You or any pokemon flamer will not submitt a pokemon flame flash wittout me voting 0 on it thats for sure and I damn sure am not going to give it a friendly review either.

Even worse than the first.

Once again you only used 2 different choices in a Pokemon Pick-A-Death game which just made the whole thing even worse, the sound is still annoying when they say their names and it's still an overdone idea. the deaths in this were two of the worst Pick-A-Death deaths I've ever seen, dropping a boulder on Ivysaur and freezing it, nah, that sucked, I wasn't entertained at all. This is a completley terrible series.


that was good but you could put alot in it its alot better that wazzup dbz.

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2.33 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2000
9:52 PM EDT
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