Death Unto Bulbasaur

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This "classic" (i.e. old movie) is the first movie in the Fall of the House of Bulbasaur series. Kill the last four Bulbasuars with two different types of weapons.

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Hard to believe that this game is almost fifteen years old. I first started coming to Newgrounds in 2005, and this was one of the first games I played. Back when the millennium generation was just starting to get out of Pokémon, this was the shit. It's a shame that not a lot of these are still around today. Are they the best quality? Admittedly, no. However, they were made at a time when Flash wasn't as advanced and people couldn't do as much with it. Deleting the old API missions because they were "crap," as the Pokémon page says, was very unfair. Most of the Newgrounds games from this era were rather low-tech, and it isn't fair to judge them by today's standards. If a game like this deserves to be deleted (yes, it's still up as of this writing, but many other similar ones aren't), then so does Tom Fulp's precious Pico's School. Admittedly, I may be a bit blinded by nostalgia, but it's sad that a lot of the simple games that drew so many people to the site aren't around anymore.

This was one of the first NG games I ever played

I'm all for the preservation of this as well as every other API mission. Before Newgrounds got this stupid site redesign, there were loads of fun Anti-Pokemon games. I read in the description of the Pokemon collection that most of them were crap and got deleted. This is simply not true. The deleted ones are much better than the ones that were allowed to remain in the collection. These should've stayed. The sad thing is that I can't think of any other good reason to preserve them other than please preserve them. They're part of my childhood.


That was messed up and the rating is WAYYY off
and why that guy, use someone else
and I still sort of like pokemon, the games at least
This was so retarded and i just cannot describe how much I would rather be watching BARNEY, i repeat, the giant purple pedophile lizard, is better than this
and judgung by this, you are some guy who still LOVES pokemon but covers it up with this



Okay, so half the world hates pkmn 'cause of the show. The game's kick-ass, and the show does get annoying, but that just SUCKED!!!!! And why Bulbasaur?! I pwned Leafgreen using that bad-boi (well, venusaur)!!!!!! Use pikachu, or something!!!! Even the kiddies enjoy watching the show's mascot getting blown up! Hell, I bet this review is funnier than the flash!!!!!What? you think I'm some not-getting-any nerd 'cause I still play pkmn video games?! Anyway, no offense to you, but the flash sucked.....

Well that sucked

It was yet another Pokemon Pick-A-Death but you only had 2 options which just amde it even worse, if you were going to bother you should have had at least 5 options, or at the absolute minimum 3, having 2 just took the piss. It wasn't funny at all, just overdone and boring.

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2.14 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2000
9:38 PM EDT
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