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Theta the Slime

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Author Comments

I made this Two years ago; my programming experience has more or less doubled since then. Because of this, I'm happy with whatever you decide to rate the game, so long as you provide constructive criticisms.
This version of the game won't receive any updates other than bug patches because, again, I had half the experience then. It's a mess
Regardless, I am currently working on a sequel, and so these criticisms do matter to me

Theta the slime is a platformer where all platforms are invisible. Fret not! For when Theta dies, she explodes, her slime revealing the way forward!

Can you collect all the coins to progress through all 27 levels?

Source code can be found here: https://github.com/enoua5/Theta-the-Slime


Ohhhh, I made this so long ago... So many bugs that would require a complete rewrite to fix... Which is what I'm doing.

I made this quite a long time ago. It was one of my first major projects. I did not at all optimize loading over the internet, so, unless you have crazy good internet, I would recommend clicking the download button on the main menu.
----- Changes -----
Oct 24th: disable arrowkey scrolling

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I don't like giving out bad reviews, I'm usually generous, but unfortunately, this is not a good game in almost any aspect. First, it bears a striking resemblance to Super Meatboy, aesthetically. and it is clearly inspired from it, which is fine, but let's dive a little deeper into this game. So the premise is that you are placed in a level where there are hazards, coins, and a door, jump your way to victory. Seems simple, but it's the way you go about achieving your goal is where this game's fatal flaw lies. You tried to make this game challenging, but you did in the most unintuitive way possible, by making the hazards invisible until you die and "blood" splatters revealing what killed and maybe some platform. This is not real challenge, you aren't testing a players skill or intelligence by doing this, you're testing how far a player will go to accomplish a tedious task, and yes, it is tedious, because there is no reason to even progress through the levels, no goal or even a carrot on a stick to motivate you. In a game like Super meatboy, Megaman, Shovel Knight, the challenges you face are clear, you see them, you know what you're going up against, and it's up to the player to figure out how to handle it. In THIS game however, you know EXACTLY how to go about the challenges the game throws at you, it's the obstacles themselves that aren't clear. That isn't good game design, that is akin to shenanigans you'll find in the Unfair Platformer, but this game is not a parody of itself. When you force to player to do something as menial as jump around the level and die a bunch of times to reveal where the spikes and platforms are, you create a chore for the player to do, not a game for the player to play.

Next to that, the music is somewhat nice, but lacks variety, the artwork is laughably simple, and the controls are ridiculous, too much sensitivity on the jump.

The only thing I somewhat liked was the splatter when you die, it was kind of nice.

Half a star, because it does look some effort was put into this. Bad concept overall.

enoua5 responds:

/Oh, why thank you for prefacing your review by stating my work has almost no redeemable qualities./ I knew it wasn't the best; being around two years old now, and essentially a patchwork of different programming styles, but c'mon, seriously? The least you could have done is provide a solution to the many problems you bring up.
===== END PS =====
Believe it or not, I made this before I knew of the likes of Super Meat Boy, Ink, or Super Pig. Zero inspiration was drawn from those sources.

As for the challenge of the game, the later levels don't rely as much on feeling around as the earlier levels do; besides this, the core philosophy behind the mechanic is that an area the player struggles with would be made easier for them with each iteration.

The tediousness I'm fixing for the sequel; which will rely much less on the invisibility mechanic (which will still be present), and introduce much more things such as enemies and moving platforms.

Most of the music was written by me. A couple songs were used either from CC or with friend's permission. As for the artwork, I spent quite a long time on that; guess that's what happens when a programmer moves out of their comfiest zone.

And yes, effort was put into this. A few months of hard work followed by two years of off and on work.

===== LATER MESSAGES =====

At 1 hour ago, netnuker wrote:

I have no fucking clue how to reply to your comment, so here I am. The simple fact is, I didn't enjoy the game. Opinions ultimately fuel the outcome of a review, and that's how I felt about it. But you do have a point, I simply gave your game a harsh critique without actually offering an alternative for improvement, so I'll give you some constructive criticism. I feel the core mechanic can be kept as a part of the game, but needs to not be made the focus. I think a game designed to be difficult with tough jumps, deadly enemies, AND invisible obstacles with the added mechanic of a death revealing some of the level would improve this game. Imagine a straight shot level, left to right, with some small platform jumps to make, and shooting enemy near the end who's projectiles harass you from the start of the level, he can jump and shoot, all the good stuff, and as you make your way through the screen, you make a jump, land on the first half of the platform, and WHOOPS, invisible spikes, but your blood just covered them so now you can see them, it isn't exactly telegraphed, but it's less ambiguous than what you have going on now.

As for everything else, the art isn't ugly, it's just simple, a few shades and textures here and there and I think it would look nicer. The music is nice, so just make more tunes I guess. And I think the jump should be more contextual to how long you hold the jump button, but much less sensitive so the player can react accordingly.

I don't try and deter people from making games, it keeps the community alive, so forgive the crass review, was the first one I've done in a while.

Hope to see the sequel soon


^^ okay, thanks, that is a much better review! All of that is stuff I feel like I can fix. I'll have to do a bit of experimentation on how to base jump height on press length, but other than that: everything is within my skill level.
Theta II will be a better game in practically every aspect. Right now it's being written in java, but if I can make it in JS without lagging everything to death, I'll be able to do that- allowing it to be posted here.
Thanks for taking the time to type that out!

Credits & Info

2.29 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2017
10:34 PM EDT