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Bouncy Islands: Golem, a rpg where you help elemental beings shaping islands.

While I'm creating a story, there is a lot of room left to put extra things in. Things you might want to see. If there are things you would like to see in this game, just send me a message.

I will try to work as much on this game as possible. But I lack time because of my job. However, you can support me by leaving a review, a message or on my patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/reallymadpanda

If this game doesn't run on NewGrounds, check out my patreon page. There will be download links for the game.

Special thanks to: LuigitheMan20 for his idea and design for Haikufa and Fuvu.
[Note] If you like Haikufa and Fuvu, just tell me. If enough people like them, I will give them a better story.
[Note] If you have a character you like to see me draw, just send me a message :D

I am trying to make an animated scene. This will bring some scenes more alive. But this takes a lot of time so please be patience.

Josh Woodstock (ReallyMadPanda)

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The game is good as early as it is. You could try to place animation for the giving of life energy (Sex) scenes or some sort of minigame during it (for the animation, ya know). The beginning is a little meh, but as this is an early build that's pretty acceptable, put a little bit more thought into the lore of your games world and start.
The art could be a little better but I'm no artist so I wouldn't know how to draw better then you. The tasks you have early in this build is pretty good, but I will expect some improvement on the next build release. If the animations aren't what your going for I'll still like where you're going with this.
You do need to improve on the characters, after you give them life of course, but they do need personalities.

Looking forward to this game (reminds me of a game by pokkaloh)

Suggestion: The story needs to have a better start. Like this planet is like earth, but the water levels are high so you need to freeze the water to get to other islands? And plan out what these new elementals (and lesser golems) do. First elemental is to teach and get you unlocking room.

It's on its first legs, and I sorta like it. In terms of an actual update, there's now music in the sex scenes as well as an intro; other than those not much has changed, as far as I've seen. Also I'm glad some of you here (as of typing this) like Haikufa. She was originally planned to be in Pokoloh, but the game was finished by the time I got down her base lineart, fun fact. In terms of the Halloween event, I feel like it may need some work, but that might just be me.

Now to answer a base qualms I've seen strolling through the review section.
- I personally didn't find the mud girl building all too grind-heavy, granted you only need one handful of mud to make the girls. It might be a bug, but kudos if it ain't.

Can't wait for the next update!

I like the game, but I keep getting a null error and I can't find the download link for the new version on your Patreon

Hmm, pretty simple at the moment.
I like the creative fantasy idea so far: making women, giving them life, watching them evolve into people. It's a nice starting point, but you don't seem to know what to do from there. I think what you're gonna need to do is expand on the idea of seeding and spreading life to these little tropical island paradises.

You made each of the three mud golems different, and that's good. Give them different personalities. Let them develop over the course of their growth. Show their characters growing through their interactions with you and the other characters.

Beyond that, the question you have to ask yourself is do you want your playable character to be the creator or caretaker? I mean, do you want the women you make DO anything, or are they just gonna be passive characters while you do everything for them?

Because maybe these women can actually do useful things like build civilizations. After seeding one island, maybe they can build a boat for you and you can go to another island and begin populating that one. Maybe there are predators or natural disasters you need to protect your girls from. Maybe there are resources you need to fetch for them in order for them to grow and evolve. If they're alive, eventually they're gonna need food, they're gonna need a campfire to cook that food. They'll need fresh water, so maybe dig a well for them.

Once all their needs are taken care of, maybe the girls will star pursuing their own interests. Maybe one of them designs clothes, another makes toys, another becomes a chef, another learns how to dance. Swimming, surfing, fishing, whatever. Think of things your characters can do with their setting. They're living on a tropical island, think of some adventures for them to go on.

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2.62 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2017
9:03 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG