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This game is a extremely experimental and it's a mess of some old ideas I had made into a small game. It's symbolic, it's weird and you might not like it.

A or Left Arrow - Left
D or Right Arrow - Right
W or Up Arrow - Jump
S or Down Arrow - Roll

[Note : I recommend playing this in complete darkness with headphones, it's a stressful game but in a way it's peaceful :)]


Simple but Good Idea, amazing style and good controls, some little problems with collisions, minor bugs and this needs more rooms.

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Nice idea but the movement is far too fast requiring a level of precision that makes these games little to no fun whatsoever.

This is a really good game! Despite the frustration it's really deep. This game meant a lot for me mainly because I usually have these thoughts at least once a day. This made me for some reason feel better about it. What's even more weirder is that the game title: Elus in Estonian, my native language means Alive. Good game.

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LeviRamirez responds:

Well, I am glad I could give you a sense of comfort. That was one of the main reasons I took on game development. Playing video games has helped me a lot through life and I wanted to give that feeling to someone else.

Thanks for the feedback.

This game is extremely deep, and I love it. Brilliant.

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I like this game very much and I think it has a lot of potential.


- nice learning curve (going from "it's impossible to make this jump" to "it is second nature")
- random order of levels
- the different levels have different challenges (precision jumping, rolling, interrupting rolling, positioning etc)
- solid sound effects (nothing special here)


- no time to read or focus on the text while trying to beat the white noise which means that the "story" side of the game is kinda lost. I know it is about depression and the text represents your thoughts but there is simply no reading allowed when you are in a hurry :)
- several typos ("you though about suicide" "you travled") on different screens
- sometimes the same level can occur twice in a row which is just "bad" randomization
- the white noise is getting faster which is good but around lvl35 it is fast enough to render some levels unbeatable (the level where you start at the top and you have to get the key on the left for example)

BUG1: sometimes after you die the white noise does not gain speed to consume the level and you have to wait until it slowly descends

BUG2: you fall down but the game does not take you to the next level. The white noise reaches the bottom and then nothing, you can only refresh the page. Happened multiple times (using Win7, Opera browser)

Very nice game. Needs a couple of additional levels, a high-score board and perhaps some new moves.

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LeviRamirez responds:

Huh.. The second bug I have not heard about yet and I have never experienced it personally. I have windows 10 and it works fine but I don't think the operating system has anything to do with it, it could be something to do with your browsers sense the engine I use is HTML5 based.

Also yeah i'm just a shitty speller so sorry about that.

Thanks for the feedback and I'll check out the glitch your talking about.

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3.03 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2017
9:46 PM EDT
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