Mega man X get Taxes

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My mark for this flash
Graphic: 3/5
sound: 4/5
storylines: 3/5
Time spent on it: 3 weeks
Duration time: 9 minute

NEW NEW NEW: PRELOADER :D, all thank are going to Joseph blanchette for gaving me a loading bar :D

I'm really sorry for the large size, forgive me please. I hope you will enjoy it!
I spent a lot of time on it, and I think my idea was great for this flash..

write a review, or e-mail me please.

Stop yelling after the graphics, I don't make my own drawing because I draw like a foot

Note:I wonder why people say that Zero is a girl. I don't know where you see that in my movie, but Zero is a guy in my movie.


- Super Metroid encyclopedia : not a game, not a movie... Everything about Super Metroid . Information about all the bosses and areas... In the same quality that the game....(looking for information and some design)

- One day with a enemy from an RPG game : see how mad an enemy can be after getting killed thousands of times in the same ten minutes... And how weak and stupid it can be.(in a while)

- The Ninja Scroll: for now I think this will be my best Flash. Megaman in his shadow armour will be the ninja leader, and Shadow from Final Fantasy 3 will be his ninja gang. (Note: this is not about the movie Ninja Scroll, it's a legendary scroll and the ninja gang want to find it.) (in a while)

- X Gets taxes 2: 6 months after the part 1...Zero comes back??)(not sure when)

- Metroid Fanfics Chapters 1: all hand drawing and story made by me(in 1000 years)

- Metroid opening: This will be like a kind of opening for Metroid with the song "Resident Evil Code Veronica - Opening" (in a while)

Thx for suporting me ^-^

Liorana Waters


--;-{@ Flash No.2 @}-;--"

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I used to watch this almost daily many years ago during my high school years, and I still easily remember it to this day. I'm not sure how often it's viewed nowadays, though.
This particular Flash was one of my very first influences toward learning how to make my own.

Really good stuff!


LOOOVE the scene with Sigma in the church XD SOOOOOO FREACKIN' FUNNY!!!! XD By the way... What was Sigma doing in the curch? XD



the ending...

the ending was just like the ending of an megaman x game only with different words (forget which game)


at the temple, the scene where Zero sliced through X, that wasnt X. That was a pantheon from the megaman zero series.

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2002
2:40 AM EST