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Temikan v0.1.0

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Author Comments

Important: There is not a loading screen. Please, be patient while it loads the files to play. Thank you!

Temikan v0.1.0 => 19/OCT/2017


Left arrow key: Move left.

Right arrow key: Move right.

Up arrow key: Jump/Double jump.

Tab key: Menu.

Z / Backspace button: Back.

X / Enter: Select.

V button: Run/Stop running.

X button: Attack/Select/Use item.

S button: Assign weapon.

D button: Assign weapon.

Space: Interact with NPC's/Points of interest.


6 girls. 6 events. Can you get them all?


Temikan is a 2D action game where you control the heroine known as Maya. Give it a try and enjoy this adventure alongside her faithful companion Milva, together you will experience the craziest adventures.


If you liked it, please consider supporting this project on Patreon. Also, you can find the desktop version (windows) in my blog, it should perfome better.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tlazol (On hold).

Blog: https://tlazolgames.wordpress.com


Sounds and Music:

- Sakura House.

- Hobby Atelier Carrot Wine.

- Re:I.

- KLV Canvas.

- Tiger lily.

Please, feel free to leave your comment. Anything that helps me to improve the overall quality of my projects.


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This was a fun demo! Is it weird that I found the goblins kinda cute :)

I noticed that other people were mentioning that the armor should be better. I think you could instead add more outfits to collect so that you can add better armor and more things to do at the same time. Maybe you planed on doing this anyway considering how big the box is for equipment.

Another thing to consider is allowing the player to fuck an enemy after they have defeated them. Maya could then reduce lust by getting off on the monsters. This would allow a player to have the option of intentionally not wearing armor to save it and taking hits to their lust instead. Then the player can reduce lust after defeating an enemy and can save the armor for later. It might also be fun if Maya can not initially do this and Milva shows Maya how or something.

Another cool thing would be if when two enemies grab Maya at the same time there was another animation of both monsters fucking Maya, or maybe if Maya has not escaped a monster another monster can walk up and join.

I am excited to see more of your work ^_^

Tlazol responds:

Hi, thanks for your feedback, I am glad you liked it. Those are good ideas actually, it would be nice if Maya takes the initiative regarding s3x acts. About multiple enemies having Maya, it would require a lot more work but it could be interesting though. About the armor, I plan to make it quite op this time, so it doesn't break quickly. Is a lot of work but I think it's possible to have all this in a future build. Hope I have it sooner than later.

Thanks for playing!

It's great in premise, but aside from clunkiness there is a bug i found, for me it looped the death animation twice before re-spawning maya, and here's where the clunkiness comes in what with the sword swings and the wasting of stamina, i noticed that the gameplay was very one sided, the goblins kept stun-locking me, not only that the arrows if you run out of arrows and there's multiple enemies a "death" screen is waiting to happen. because of the stun-locking, add to that, are you supposed to be able to equip a weapon to both S and D? also a checkpoint system would be nice, rather since the mines go deep, and after you kill goblins the enemies don't re-spawn in that area it would be nice to make that a safe zone to re-spawn in. it's good for what it is, I managed to get two out of the three goblin peen ices so far. also a merchant system would be nice so as to buy stuff you run out of such as arrows, armor or lust recovery items. that is all i recommend, the H scenes are rewarding, but the death screens need the Press x to continue to appear sooner so it feels optional to see, which would make it more enjoyable. all in all a great game so far problems aside, keep on refining!

Tlazol responds:

Sorry for the late reply. I am glad that you liked it. I hope to have an update soon. Thanks for playing and all your feedback :D

needs to have the advance button show much sooner on the "death" screen, also it seems to like playing that part twice before respawning you back in the town. detection range should be turned down a bit as well to avoid the chance of grab lock by 2+ enemies. enemy stun time after getting hit by the sword should be equal to the time it takes to swing again, instead of being shorter as it is now. decent concept you seem to have here, but as it stands ive unlocked 0 scenes aside from losing to the first monsters encountered and dont feel like having to work as hard as ill have to to do everything currently in this game.
(the last bit is just my own opinion, but everything before that is ideas for changes that should probably be made)

Tlazol responds:

Hey, thanks for playing and for your feedback. I am trying to improve :)

Nice animations but clunky in several ways.

No invulnerability after getting hit so you can stunlocked to death by enemies. You can cancel the start up of the sword swing into another attack, basically wasting a swing and allowing enemies to advance. You shouldn't be able to cancel a sword swing until at least the first active frame of the attack. No way to skip the "death" animation.

Tlazol responds:

Thanks for playing and your feedback. I am trying to fix the most things I can :D.

As a game developer myself I take some pride into some of my critiques. No I don't generally use flash but I have a great understanding of it-- I usually use Unreal 4 or Havok. Just a few suggestions that are relatively easy to fix if you so choose, in fact you don't have to make files to do these few things

1) The health of your armor is REALLY low. I don't think she could take 4 hits before it busts and with the sheer swarm of monsters in the caves, it just gets too hard. Maybe just bump the noob armor up a hair. 6-7 hits is reasonable for noob gear.
2) The bow should do more damage than it does. As it is a consumable, the arrows should be impaling them way harder. I feel it should do at least 1/3 of the big goblin's life per arrow. Even if it means you lower the drop chance of arrows. These can all be done by going in the codes and changing values. Nothing advanced.

Some things to add, that may take about a week, depending, are
1) Item/repair shops. As this was an early access kind of game, it is understandable to be left with the noob gear, but eventually the armor will break and you are going to be left defenseless. Being able to repair your gear or being able to buy a whole new set(s) will make or break certain battles.
2) Invincibility frames. Should say all in itself. When your armor breaks it is possible for the monsters to stun lock you. Makes it much harder than it should be. Also when you attack with your sword, they shouldn't be able to instantly pick you up. The sword only has X amount of feet of a hit box and it becomes almost to the point where you have to abuse their AI by jumping up the steps and hitting them where they can't reach you.
3) Maybe small helps to find the next objectives. I found myself as a seasoned veteran of very challenging games that don't show you where to go. Majora's Mask, and EverQuest being a sample of those such games. But at least the NPC's will tell you exactly where you are going at one point.
4) Your biggest selling point on this is for the character to be raw-dogged by goblins and such. Make some more scenes involving the goblins. Especially one if you game over to one. Not sure if this is a glitch or intentional, but every time I had a game over, the ending cutscene repeated itself. Now this can be SUPER useful for scene transitions, to get to another position for that particular monster, but I am still not sure if it's intentional or a glitch, because when I press "X" for the cutscene to pass, it happens again and the PC has a different moaning sound.
5) Make the combat a bit smoother. Give the PC a few more sword swinging animations that are more responsive and give the sword hit box a bit more leniency. Because at the moment it will only do damage if the swing animation is completed and the monsters are in range. In most games as long as the blade touches the creature during the swing animation, it deals damage to the target. That will help smooth out the "clunky" feel of the combat.
6) A "per taste" thing, but the artwork could use a slight improvement. Like it's 90% where it should be. Again as I understand this is the first version and there are going to be improvements, this is just a few things to consider if you want to have people donate and see this grow more.

Bugs I found:
1) If you get stun locked by the big goblins, you truly are stuck until you die as I am very sure the big goblins duplicate themselves so even after Tae-Kwon-Do kicking them in the face there's one lined up right afterwards and it gets super laggy when all those actors have to load in. I know it's not my computer running a Titan X graphics card, 32GB RAM, and a 8 core processor at 4Ghz, it might have been Chrome, but then again, Firefox and IE/ME did the same. I really think it's when all those sprites are being duplicated and it is stressing the game out.
2) Sometimes the keybindings fall apart. Especially if you are trying to quickly switch weapons, a bug will happen where your character will only swing the sword even when the bow is equipped and clearly out. You just see the little swoosh of the sword come by. Half the time it actually has a hit box but only half the time it doesn't hit anything but still uses stamina and you end up getting grabbed or beat up. Sometimes the buttons to move fail to work too. Also make the button mapping a bit more spread out. As a 6'1 male my hands are fairly large. And even on my Corsair K55, my fingers just felt too clumped together. I almost got a hand cramp trying to switch weapons. Spacebar is fine for jumping, but I highly recommend just using the LMB for weapon attack. You can use the Q,W, or E keys for binding the other things. This would help alleviate some of the torment my left hand went through-- probably other folks had this too unless they have small hands. (if you wanna really go above and beyond, allow the player to bind their own buttons!)
3) The last bug I have seen that is fairly game breaking is that the "Skip Dialogue" button doesn't trigger events-- it does help with non-required cutscenes but it breaks the game triggers for those that matter for story progression.

Again, I loved the idea of this game. For a starting point, it is very well thought out and has plenty of potential to be something that you could even make a decent check on. Keep working on it mate. I am actually gonna follow this game a while and see where you take it. Because as I said, this has some greatness behind it.

Tlazol responds:

Woah, thank you very much for all your feedback. You can be sure that I have a lot of homework and I hope to get better in the future.

Thanks for playing!

Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2017
3:03 PM EDT
  • Audacity
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • GameMaker Studio 1.4
  • Spriter Pro