Fake Views!

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It's going back to the internet! This time we are talking about the phenomenon of fake identities or distorted views on the web..

Idea, animation and music by me.

A big thanks to Terrance Nicholson (KingCrowleyVA) for lending his voice again!

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I'm feeling contrary. Why is there no Sinistar with breasts?

I wish we had that technology now...

I disagree with the message of this video. Internet can and does get's used for exchanging useful information and education. My own life is transformed for the better because I have learned many things that have helped me in life, trough internet. And some of those things might get called conspiracy theories by loser skeptics who just believe official narratives told by TV. Yes if you are a TV type of guy who wants to believe what is spoon fed to you then internet is not for you. If you are a freethinking guy who wants to make his own destiny - then internet is a goldmine of opportunity for you. Sure there are many wrong opinions on internet too. You must be smart to filter them out. But it is much better then TV or Radio where there are almost only lies or empty entertainment and some topics are too taboo to ever get discussed, leaving people in the dark. There is nothing taboo on the internet and on internet you can learn things nobody would tell you in person or on TV. Things about dark side of human nature. People can compare their experience with different products to find out ways companies are cheating people. Men can compare anonymously their intimate dating experience to find out what really makes women tick. Dissidents in totalitarian regimes can anonymously share the truth about outside world that their government is hiding. Yeah, ignorant blokes can call all that conspiracy theories, and there are a lot of disinformation on internet for sure, like this video. But there is also truth and that truth is possible due to the anonymity and people being able to express opinions without their lives ruined for unpopular or politically incorrect opinions.

I,ll give one stars because animation is good. But I believe the message is dangerous, because free internet is free population.

EdSchafer responds:

you get the point that this is a cartoon, right? also the web here is a virtual reality environment which is based on the book series Otherland - which is a dystopian future.. but hey, maybe this is also the point that people on the web take everything way too serious they see here.

For free internet, have a look at the first one of this series - net neutrality.

Peace :)

I see now why the mage sounded like Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

Good message other than you ridiculing conspiracy theories as if all conspiracies are untrue.
Also, why didn't he just kill the dragon instead of waiting to get burned? (Rhetorical)

EdSchafer responds:

Hey there, thanks for the comment. I don't think that I put all theories as nonsense in one and the same pot.. I rather said that there are lots of people using the internet to spread their nonsense theories :) but if you want to discuss which of them are nonsense and which ones are true, you're free to write me a private message! Anyway, thanks for watching!

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Oct 19, 2017
8:04 AM EDT
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