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HENTAI [ProjectPhysalis] Patron's Reward 1 - KimPossible

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Thanks to all of our supporters for your kind collaboration, and Special thanks to our high end supporters who veted democaratically to select Kim as the first subject for our minigames! your help made this possible!

Also thanks to our collaborators and Associates who worked on this project, specially my friends LcChan, Zazen and Number3d who help us to kick start this initiative :)

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PATREON -> https://www.patreon.com/PhysalisProject

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TUMBLR -> https://physalisproject.tumblr.com/

Get the Android App and Desktop version of the game here!!!
>>>>http://tinyurl.com/y9vvslda <<<<<
Mirrors for each File also listed at the bottom

UPDATE: Fixed an exploit where you could stop the game by clicking outside the screen, >:)
UPDATE: Overall difficulty reduced a 15%

Thanks for playing!!

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The art is great and the animation is smooth, and I'm perfectly fine knowing that the game doesn't have a great deal of content, but accessing the content there is, is a pain in the ass in thanks to the single game mechanic. Still, I like the art and animation, so there's that to take solace in.

Very Nice

So why did the first one take like 50 times to get but the second one took like 2 turns
But overall the game is sick i liked it very much very thicc very veiny dick 10/10

I gotta say, I absolutely love this more mature rendition of Kim this game features. Lovely cartoony style, with some thick body proportions, while still retaining the original character's adorable face and big green eyes. The way she emotes during the scene is very sweet, changing from ever more intense expressions of pleasure as the action gets rougher.

The gameplay itself is kinda silly, we just have to tim clicks perfectly, but with the promise of being rewarded a lewder costume, it becomes hella compelling. I couldn't stop playing until I got all costumes... and get all costumes I did. Fun stuff.

The one thing holding tihs back is how empty it is, but yeah, just that.

how is this even fair