Spark Ball Episode 3

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It's the night after the big grudge match between Green and his former Coach. With no matches going on, the people of the city are settled into a day off; but in certain corners, there are deeper goings on...

Guest voice: Chris Voigt (AKA Sexual Lobster)

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..and all the others!

Also check out music by MiXE1


Hey! Nice work here!
I loved characters and humour. A mix between a serious background and caricature situations...
And now I'm starting to follow your productions.

Thanks for sharing it with us :)
Keep up the good work !!

projectanything responds:

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a positive comment! We're glad you enjoyed the episode. Episode 4 is out now be sure to check that out as well if you haven't already.
Thanks again and stay tuned for more episodes soon

Whoa, you went old-school there lol. It was good, was just expecting Fernando and Gooseman to come out of nowhere and be like, wtf is this shit lol. As always your video quality is great, and really did like the change of pace, think you could make something out of it, or if you do it again I think people would still go for it like the rest of your videos.

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projectanything responds:

Thanks for checking it out and the review. We're honoured to have Sexual Lobster appearing in the series!

Glad to see the new faces and the old characters as well. Looking forward to the next one!

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projectanything responds:

Thanks for the good vibes, Jessie! More to come :)

Great story/sound. Although the constant change in the body shape change needs work.

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projectanything responds:

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you enjoyed :)

I wasn't expecting to see The One Sexual-Lobster acting outside his own animations! :D So strange... hearing that voice in such an unfamiliar setting... but well-fit, and this turned out to be an intriguing series too, tales from a different kind of world, with shady characters that seem to ease up on lip sync hassle. ;) Setting's both suspenseful and full of humor though, looking forward to the next ep!


projectanything responds:

Sexual-Lobster makes everything better.. In every aspect of life! Thanks for the great review! :)

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3.96 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2017
3:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original