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Rick and Morty: The delicious taste of ice cream

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A little something for you all to aleviate the season 4 blues!
Morty really wants some ice cream!

Voice by Justin Roiland from various (VR and dota!)

This is a fan animated work so please do keep that in mind, all stuff here is just for fun!

Animated by me tiarawhy
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Audio sfx and design by strelok

Special end dialogue by
Spencer Grammer

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I love the art, voice acting, and story. At first I thought it was painful sitting through the ice cream part, but watching the whole thing to the end. Superb stuff! Very well done!


Shame this got taken down on YouTube, but at least it lives here on Newgrounds! Fuck you, Google!

Anyway, this is one of my favorite fan-made animations! You are a superb animator in your own right and I dig the stuff that you have put out so far! Keep creating, keep shining, keep on keepin' on!

I love all the easter eggs in this

A lot of people complain that the ice cream conversation is boring but I freaking LOVE it. I think of this as the daily monotonous conversations that Rick and Morty would be having IRL. I dont care who you are, you've had a silly little conversation like this with one your friends, maybe not about ice cream but about something. The show focuses on just R&M adventures, this clip is everything they would say/do when they arent in an adventure and literally just going out for a drive and grab an ice cream. Extremely well done. Please continue to make more. Please submit this to Harmon and/or Roiland. You deserve their blessing to make and upload as much R&M as you want! I love Ford (Gravity Falls) in the background. Also never heard of Newgrounds until I watched your you tube clip about A/S pulling your work from YT. I signed up to Newgrounds just for you.

tiarawhy responds:

That means a lot, thank you <3! I hope you enjoy newgrounds and all the kinds of content here!