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Something quick I whipped up back in 2013, more of a gadget-type game really. A totally revamped version of the classic game snake. Instead of arrow keys, click on the snake's head to draw a line and guide it. Instead of gathering apples to grow, circle around in one complete rotation, or "constrict" the bunnies to grow. Just like regular snake, don't run into yourself! Predators will spawn as you grow in size making the game more difficult. If one of the snake's predators hits it, you will also decrease in size. Do the tutorial from Scott Erwin if you want to know what is going on and how to really play! When he asks "Is this your first time playing?" - say yes! DON'T press Highscores, that will break the game. The highscores ran off Mochi Media which was discontinued shortly after.

Mouse – Click on the snake’s head and hold in order to draw a path for the snake to follow and to strike

• Score the most amount of points possible by consuming bunnies to grow in size and/or by gathering Easter Eggs laid by bunnies.
• The blue circle around the prey designates the strike range. Draw a swift line directly to the prey while in this circle to strike.
• The red circle designates the prey’s detection range. The red meter at the lower-right corner indicates the bunny’s awareness.
• Once the awareness meter maxes out, points are deducted and the bunny will begin fleeing quickly away from the snake.
• After successfully striking the prey, consume its corpse to grow. Move inside the green radius then draw a complete circle.
• Grow up to 20 links total! After losing all three lives by touching the predators or touching your tail the game is over.
• Restore lives through consuming prey or gathering a Magic Easter Egg. Easter Eggs have a 20% chance of being magical.
• New predators begin spawning when the snake is size 7, 9 and 10. The size of the snake is indicated in the lower-left corner.

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Really needs a functioning mute button... The one on the main menu doesn't work.

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2.45 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2017
12:39 AM EDT