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Robin Quest 3: The sugar gem heist

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Hello everyone, it's that time again. Robin returns once again, to steal, sneak, and fuck her to her target, the mysterious sugar gem. Follow our anti heroine on a messy adventure full of excitement, sex, and internet memes

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This user is one of the best publishers I've seen on this site in a long while. Just the depths gone to take simple path branching storytelling with minimal to no narrative and present it in a way that not only can reach any language, but still convey an underlying message. These are simply much more than smut. They cross the border into legitimate art and at a tidy fashion to that.

While I prefer the raid series over the quest series, I do feel like it's a wonderful cue for those who want to play something a bit quicker and for the author to put something out there more post-haste and if the event happens where the well dehydrates a bit, these might be able to easily be transferable into a raid game. Not sure the specs or the back end of things, but making these resources alone is a stepping stone to the untapped potential that we ourselves may have.

This game has what the predecessors had and more, or less. What I like about it is that not everyone commenting has the whole picture, and what is seen is varied. For instance if I hadn't replayed it, I wouldn't have seen the UP path, which is probably my favorite story animated sequence in the whole thing. As a series I'd put it second to the part in Raid 2 where you get reunited with the captain. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you're lucky because you get to experience that in Robin Raid 2 for the first time. I could only relive it again, but the details in that scene never get old.

While I saw a spoiler of some of the fight sequences in a lootube video, I don't think they hindered the experience at all. I feel like all the animations / sequences could be ordered in any way and would still tell a somewhat logical story, and that's why I'd probably stand in favor of the Raids. They allow you to pretty much retell the story in any order you want and you never really know if you are going anywhere in the plot until a key shows up in the corner.

I pretty much see this as a whole body of work, a dlc if you will. I don't necessarily see a major spike in content getting better, but that might just be because I never saw any issues with the beginning content and have been clicking every time I see a new anything show up on here. Maybe if I contrasted it with the first one I'd feel different, but yeah, this stuff's been top notch since the first time I saw it and it would take a lot for that to be diminished. I think the big difference is the concept that the stuff put out here by the tophat-toting individual is for the most part a finished product and that's cool too.

I'd recommend dropping a look at the patreon page if you're into the whole supporting the entertainment you consume or if you want to see more of it via https://www.patreon.com/azrealfreeman

Captain-Freeman responds:

Good lord , that review legitimately moved me. Shit like this is why I was awake until 4am spending 2 hours on something that could have taken 30 minutes. Because I care to deeply about my fan base. If I draw half as well as other directors, then so be it, I'll try 5 times as hard. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this inspiring review

I can't believe it is already Christmas.

Captain-Freeman responds:

It is, and santa's gift to me is a fanbase made of people as awesome as you

I really enjoy your games, but this one feels rushed. The pathways are short and linear and your drawing seems to be regressing. You're trying more things in regards to animation, but your anatomy is suffering for it. The imperfect style is part of its charm and there are still a lot of great things drawn and shaded in here, but Robin seems particularly deformed most of the time in this installment. Im digging what youre doing with the animations though. Keep it up

Captain-Freeman responds:

thank you for your feedback, it means a lot. and the problem is i learned to animate before i learned to draw, and since porn requires perfect anatomy, it tends to suffer at times. I'll strive to better myself more and more though


1. "Attack" or "Seduce"
2. "Left" or "Right"
3. "Admire Art" or "Confront"
4. "Brute Force" or "Cut Glass"
5. Any option

Captain-Freeman responds:

thank you as always

I lovee these games!..
when another game like agent fox?

Captain-Freeman responds:

I'm not opposed to making another agent fox in the future, but I'd have to make it ALL from scratch in a less terrible engine. I have, however, learned so much more about coding, that i could make an even better game

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3.22 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2017
10:13 PM EDT