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Hello! I am back (for the people that missed me) (I hope someone missed me).

I wanted to get bouncy Islands in a new (more serious) direction. So I am making a legit game, with a story and all called:
Bouncy Islands: Golem

This upload is just a pilot version. I am looking if I am able to upload files on newgrounds (so don't take it all too serious). It is kinda playable however.

Still, feel free to give your ideas for the game. There is a main story, but a lot of room for side missions/fantasies.

Also take a look at my patreon page:

Have a good day :D
Josh Woodstock (ReallyMadPanda)

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Sort of "lazy" style of gameplay-- something I don't mind. Other than what's already said rendering my points already heard, I will say one thing:

I like the concept and how "slow" it is. You're building the world/Earth, of course it's gonna be slow. Added, if there's anything I could suggest, make it more... free? With each elemental you free you should be given powers to, idk, traverse areas you couldn't traverse before (for instance, water; you free the water elemental, you can now traverse water and create water-based inhabitants and so on). Other than that, I've got not much to add, but let me know if you need an extra artist. 3.5/5

Getting a bitmap null error when giving life the first mud-girl. Otherwise, not a bad concept.

ReallyMadPanda responds:

Thanks for the review.

These errors are complete random and I think this has to do because I had to convert this into a html file.

However, I will upload a downloadable version on my patreon page. I hope it will fix this type of errors.

The game is very promising, even dou it's a simple concept. My advices are as follows:
1) The game should run on a different engine, so that the gameplay would be more flexible. Make it so the player has more freedom of what he's going to do. For example let the player choose where to put the seeds and what kind of seeds (make more variations of plants and make them usefull for the gameplay). You could make it so the player can choose what type of mud golem he's going to make. In overall you could make a game about developing your own civilization or your own archipelago with some adventure game moments or just some tasks to do to progress certain development.

2) Hire some good artist to enhance the graphic quality. Some graphical additions can help the game, for example with some minor graphical hints show that the actions player made, increased the power of earth and not only by the earth elemental saying it and having less of those corrupted stones on herself. I'm a professional artist, but I have very little experience so I think I would be a waste of your time and money, but if you were interested you can always PM me

3) With some thinking and love for the game you can come up with a neat story. The thing about corrupted stones on the earth elemental makes an easy way of coming up with the plot for the game. For example there are an evil forces that are limiting/using the powers of the elementals and it's your job as the player to find a solution for this. Also, while freeing the elementals from the influence of the corrupted powers, you could've gain an ability to enhance your character with the power of the certain element you helped with.

My major issues with the game so far:
The gameplay is a bit too slow and too stiff. The graphics are not good enough for fap material. The game lacks animation or some slideshow element which is very important while making a porn game. Lastly, eyes of the earth elemental are fucking terrifying and ugly.

Keep up the good work and good luck with the game!

Gameplay is a bit slow, but good story concept

Get a error as soon as i provide life power to the first golem: "TypeError: this._bitmap is null". Cant play it :( But i like the idea so far and look forward to the upcoming updates!

ReallyMadPanda responds:

There are some errors that are random and only occur to a few people.

But at the end of this month I will upload an updated version and a downloadable version on my patreon page.

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2.68 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2017
6:23 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG