Ass Brutalewd 4: All Twerk & Obey

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Brutalewd's love of twerking infects the whole town of Ponyville with twerkamania.

If you like big butts, you'll have a blast on the Ass Brutalewd comics site: http://ass-brutalewd.tumblr.com

(Original release date: July 13, 2015.)

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Ugh...either do it right or don't even start!

BrutaMod responds:

Practise makes perf!
But yes, I would recommend practising one's twerking in private before bringing it to the public.

Yes folks, to those that are thinking of watching these, these are indeed MLP:FiM innuendo-filled cartoons. HOWEVER, they are done more so to be humorous with just a bit of sexy. Give it a watch first and then make up your minds. So far the artist had yet to disappoint!

This was so weird and random. I love it

"Twerking for Honkies". The moment white people started twerking, twerking was over...

Jajajajaja It's so funny !!!!
Move it!!! XD