Jacksepticeye Game 2

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Graduate 10 Points

Passed the tutorial!

Bookworm 25 Points

Read all books!

Hearty 25 Points

Find all health upgrades!

Kill Billy 50 Points

Find and Kill Billy!

Syrup Lover 50 Points

Find all stamina syrup!

The Septic Sword 50 Points

Find the Septic Sword!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Set shortly after the events of the first game. Join Sean, as he finds himself back in his world, but something is amiss.
There is silence.
Fight your way through enemies, to uncover the truth, and to put an end to the chaos, once and for all.

Play through this short game as the Youtube star Jacksepticeye.

Re-bindable controls are found in the options menu.

Default Controls:

Left - A
Up - W
Down - S
Right - D

Attack - Left Click

Roll - Space
Interact - E
Sprint - Shift

Inventory Slots - 1 to 9
Bag - B
Pause - P

- You can now hold the mouse down to attack.
- You face the direction of your mouse when attacking.


Art was great, music was kicking. And overall it was a fun 10 minutes, great work dude!

I quite enjoyed the game although I think I may have found a bug. If your inventory is full when you kill Ma, you don't get the key for her room.

Rixium responds:

That's a really good point, I hadn't even thought about that, haha.
There is extra space, if you press 'B', you have a larger bag that it should go to if there is no space on the bottom bar.

how to play

Rixium responds:

Controls are in the description and the small in-game tutorial.
Other than that, its a case of finding items to do things.
There are YouTube tutorials available.

This comes off as humorous and silly game, but having to kill your mum and little brother is quite unexpectedly dark. The main character really gets too easy over this, like it was a fun childhood phantasy.

Graphics are very nice, much better then first game, the adventure elements when searching your house for items were also nice, but combat mechanics are very sloppy and need a lot of improvement:

- Melee combat against Zombies means taking unavoidable damage using stick, maybe Sword is better due to knockback, not sure I have only used it against Ma. I hope it does knockback regular enemies too.

- When avoiding missles from zombies, only way to do it is by going up, when you go down it should be that the arrow passes behind you, but it hits your head instead. Not good.

- In boss battle two things are illogical. First is that you cant shoot towards the eye. Second - that eye moves in to edge of roof for you to hit it with your sword. The eye would be undefeatable if it just stayed a bit more off the roof all the time. Then only way to hit it would be to shoot, but the hero cannot. So eye is stupid for letting itself be hit and hero is stupid for only shooting sideways and not upwards towards the eye.

- Laser was the only eye's attack that was difficult to avoid due to the stamina mechanics, had to stop swinging early when anticipating this attack to have stamina for rolling away. It was really tricky not to get too greedy and not to deplete stamina dealing too much hits before. I feel the bullet spiral heil attack was too weak, it could be avoided by just finding a good spot directly at center and not moving at all - this attack should have been more unpredictable and random.

The cinematic visuals and the scale of the boss battle were very nice trough.

Rixium responds:

I appreciate the long, and thorough review, thank you!

A bit buggy in a few places [Basement, City streets, and the attic]. The boss crashed after dying.

Rixium responds:

Yeah, there is a lot in the game that needs cleaning up.

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2017
5:58 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Frontpaged October 5, 2017
  • Underdog of the Week October 11, 2017
  • Daily 4th Place October 5, 2017