Till The Next Floor

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Start your own idle adventure! Complete quests, work, train and explore the mysterious dungeon.


SAVE FUNCTION SAVE FUNCTION SAVE FUNCTION. no one wants to start over every time they log back in. fix this and it is an easy 5.

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Going on the quest...

Writing a review...


I'm sorry- I can't let you DO that, Ben.

Great little game but I have a few criticisms.

I found the ending floor number to be a bit random and the game ended a bit abruptly.

HUGE difficulty spike on 206-210

Once I equipped good armour I was only recieving 0-1 damage on 211.

I finished the game after only 145 quests, there's no way I'm sticking around to quest 260 with zero content left though this could be down to my play style.

I'd like to have seen some development with the sorceress lady.

A few more spells would have been nice, maybe a heal, regen or haste. Either that or introduce the spells slower to spread out the new content.

It's a really cool game, though it has some setbacks. First off, the game desperetly needs a save system (as most people have mentioned) this in case we want to take a break from the game, considering the game being quite grindy as it is.
Also, having a bit of variety on the clicker-quests would be nice, as it gets repetetive after a long while.

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3.72 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2017
5:47 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG