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Update 1.5: Ball Physics tweaked, Mouse control option added (Makes the game too easier to be honest), Speed Boost Powerup makes the paddle faster as well, Powerup glitch fixed (may happen once or so per game but it's not too distracting).
Bug Notice: A VERY small chance the Xtra Life Powerup will give a Super Ball Powerup instead.

Update 1.2: Ball physics updated. Ball goes in the direction you hit it in.

At the Highscore table if you press Enter you'll be taken to the main menu again (Forgot to explain that in game).

This is a remake of a game I made in 2013 you can play here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/627454

I made the original game in 2 days back in 2013 and given it was one of my first games...it was bad.
I remade this game again in 6-8 Hours when ironically that was not my intention I just wanted to convert the 2013 version to HTML5 due to Flash 2020.
Well I hope this remake is enjoyed, I'm going to make a lot of content this October so please follow me to check out more of my work!

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Yet another Arkanoid clone, nothing too new or interesting about it except that the block are in Halloween character shapes.

If there are 2 or more power-ups falling and you catch one, the others disappear. Some times a block breaks and a power-up appears for an instant and then disappears.
The speed-up power-up speeds up the ball but not the paddle. How is that suppose to help?
Why is there no option for mouse control of the paddle?

One thing I do really like is how when the ball goes out of bounds a new ball is immediately put back into play, no waiting or stalling the game. It keeps the action going. Doesn't break the players momentum.

GhostDataMedia responds:

Thanks for the input, turns me away from making another Arkanoid clone but that's probably for the best. I'll fix the problems you mentioned very soon (Mouse control option and paddle speed.) the powerup glitches will take a while but it can be done.

P.S. Having one powerup in use at a time was intentional, having the player choose what to prioritize was up to them instead of overwhelm them with to much going on at once.

Edit: Updates were added, thank you for your suggestions!

Fun, enjoyable little time waster. But the ending? Really?

Several Arkanoid clones coming out in the past several days with no way to alter the angle of your ball to aim shots. I am voting 0 out of principle on every Arkanoid clone that pulls this. Do better.

GhostDataMedia responds:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I completely agree with you. Within 5 minutes of your comment I fixed the issue so that the ball goes in the direction you hit it from (Cause I'm not a scrub like those other game devs). I know this will reflect badly on my overall score but I've learned from this. Thank you and don't stop doing what you do!