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Finding Miranda

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The sequel to "Dreaming with Elsa," and "Redemption for Jessika."

You're a programmer in a large company who is interested in your attractive coworker, Miranda. However, your past history with your ex-wife has been keeping you from approaching her. Can you overcome your personal issues and maybe find something great with Miranda? What if Miranda has issues of her own to work out?

This game contains spoilers to the previous two games, so you should play them first. And don't forget to check the "Menu" button for extra save/restore slots and the Achievements. There's a bonus scene if you unlock all of the Achievements.

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just love how the series are going and how fun it is at the same time mostly the unexpected

Really awesome series of games (Ironically I started to play them because I was having trouble sleeping)...the intertwining story lines with some very nice sex scenes a balance very few are successful finding and maintaining! Looking forward to other episodes and offerings. I have Saving Chloe left. BTW Love the music references (jaw dropped when I saw Miranda wearing the Opeth T-shirt...I guess too many people would've picked up on Cannibal Corpse :-) ) My Metal tastes don't get quite that hard but I respect the hell out the heavier genres.

My only 2 critiques would be finding a way to have a fighting chance to get into the scoring table's good graces once you miss the first threshold(without harming the plot/overall store line etc.), it just seemed after missing the mark you were not going to be able to make up for that lost ground for the rest of the game. The other would be incorporating some more audio into the games (but I already know this has to be a helluva an endeavor in it's current and pretty damn polished state as is). There the only reasons I gave 4.5 in stead of 5.

Next opportunity I have I'll replay all the games and see if I can go further into some of the plot and action scenes.

Keep up the awesome work! Following to see when your next offering/update/episode comes out or if nothing else look for an opportunity to talk music and see how wide your tastes go!

Thanks for a kick-ass series(now I'm going to get some sleep :-) )!!!

What music do you like?
Rock. Pop. Rap.
I like rock.
Okay,the truth is..I hate dubstep. Its always been classical.

tlaero responds:

I like both kinds of music: fast and loud. :-)

Mostly metal, though I'll slow down to some hard rock if the band is good.

Another solid chapter. We see more of the story arc developing and secrets are revealed. Miranda was a little grating at first, when she came off as "Miss Perfect," but as her cracks were revealed, she became progressively more human, as all your characters do. She may also be the most beautiful of the girls. Tough to say.

Story-wise, this MAY be the weakest of the chapters, but that's also like saying it's the least tasty piece in a box of gourmet chocolates. They're all good.

I think the problem for me was mechanical. The "timid" answers were a little TOO wishy-washy. I don't think choosing not to sleep around with dozens of women, even in light of relationship trauma, would necessarily make someone into a spineless idiot. But I kept missing pieces of the story because I refused to selected some of the less decisive answers, which I found to be a little too weak. While I like the idea of having the player influence their character build by deciding their past, and then challenging them to stick to it, some the dialogue you wanted us to match those character traits seemed a little extreme. At other times, the answers were too similar, and I couldn't detect any real difference.

However, I love the fact that you tried out a different gameplay formula for each part of the series. That really kept things interesting.

Still, as far as the story, the characters, and thematic depth go: excellent erotic fiction, as usual.

Dope. Wish there was more games like this