Pulp Fantasy

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Cheers for the feature!!! :D


Made in 72 hours for Game Zanga 7 Game Jam.


Pulp Fantasy is an action-adventure platformer game. You wake up on a mysterious island and are tasked with killing a murderer as your only way out.

Journey across the island and meet its denizens. Will you help them? Will you murder? Will you ignore them and explore?

Your choices will affect gameplay in subtle ways, and they will lead to 1 of 4 endings.

What will you do? What will you be?



1) Action-adventure platform gameplay.

2) Open world.

3) 4 different endings.

4) 4 variations on the final boss - based on each ending.

5) Low-fi pixel-art style.

6) 2 Secrets.



Arrows: Move

C: Jump

X: Attack (why would you)

Enter: Start/Progress

R: Resets the game.


Have fun! Would love to hear your comments :)

- Uses music by @GameDevYal
- Inspired by Undertale and Don't Look Back

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This is why I don't like these timed challenges. This could have been a good game, but it was way too hard and not polished. I couldn't get past the fireballs, so I killed the guy who lost his wheelchair. I didn't know what the second person wanted, so I had to kill her too. I then couldn't jump far enough to make it any farther.

This is my favorite type of game. Only request would be to let the up arrow jump. Never understand why anyone disables the up arrow and makes you use a key off to the left for it unless the up arrow is for climbing.

I'm not a fan of the art style. A game can have a low-fi pixel art style and still have better defined platforms. Also, I didn't finish the game. I jumped past the fireballs in the cave and there was nothing to do on the other side. I couldn't jump to the person with the fishing pole and I couldn't pick up the dead family because I had Prof X's chair. Also I accidentally killed the guy with the dead family. Didn't feel like dealing with the fireballs again.

A great little adventure platformer, with a pro/con system based on your decisions to to aid, ignore, or kill NPCs. A short game but has replay to try out different approaches.

Notes for the dev - I agree with most of what has been said by the other reviewers, so won't re-hash that all here, but here are my additional comments:
1. I know the crude graphical style was intentional, and it fits the game well, but it does make it hard to figure out exactly where the platforms are and where their edges are. Especially in cucumber forest and cloud areas.
2. When the wheelchair man builds the bridge, I can't just walk onto it from the ground next to it. I have to jump up on to it. Maybe the hitbox is too high by a pixel or two?
3. Only one hit point. Everything is sudden death. But, thankfully, I respawn on the same screen, unlike other games that would send me all the way back to the beginning. So not sure if I should complain about this or not. I do a lot of dying, but it's only a minor inconvenience. Hmm, maybe if you expanded this game, add another NPC that I can choose to help, or kill and get an extra hit point for it?
4. Vertical screens are kinda wonky. I'm talking about coming up from underground, up through the clouds, or up to the pickle area. Like the platforms aren't lined up nicely, and I loose momentum from my jump or something. I seem to flip back and forth a few times between the up and down screens before I get it right. It's not a game killing thing, but it is kind of annoying.
5. Speaking of jumping up screens, once I jumped up to the sky cemetery screen from the ground below with the bodies in my inventory. I was below the "island" but it triggered the burial anyway, even though I wasn't anywhere near the cemetery. I think your event trigger box is too big.
6. The first thing I did, the first time I played the game, was to kill the ferry man. The game just resets. For as much as the game handles the other NPC deaths, that was kind of a let down. Maybe killing him should open another ending? Or if you don't want to deal with it, just give him an invulnerable shield like he has as the boss. Resetting seems like a cop-out.
7. I did a play through not killing an NPC or any animals. There is no special pacifist ending. Idea for an expansion?
8. Another idea for a new ending: I kill all the NPCs, get all the jump boosts, go back, run past the ferry man, and jump across the river. I don't need his help anyway.

Was fun getting each of the 4 different endings!

(1. save everyone 2. kill everyone 3. kill beach man 4. kill 50 animals)

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3.23 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2017
12:17 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle